Picking the Right Location for your Travel Nursing Assignment

The question of selecting a travel nursing assignment location comes up often in conversations with travel nurses. With so many staffing agencies offering travel assignments all over the country, nurses who are new at travel nursing might feel overwhelmed with options. Generally speaking, most nurses already have an ideal location in ...
Celebrating Thanksgiving

Travel Nursing: Celebrating the Holidays Away from Home

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and many travel nurses won’t be able to join their family on turkey day. Being a travel nurse on Thanksgiving, or any holiday really, can be a challenge. The loneliness that one normally feels on a regular day somehow gets magnified on holidays if you’re not ...
Therapy Apps

Using the iPad to Make Your Travel Therapy Life Easier

With the recent release of the fourth generation iPad and the much-publicized iPad Mini, more and more travel therapists are utilizing the Apple device not only for daily living but also for clinical work. No surprise there since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps in the Apple Store ...
Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing: Making the Most out of Your Day Off Adventure

In general, nurses take their job seriously. They are passionate about taking care of patients and living up to their fullest potential in the workplace. Travel nurses in particular are exceptional employees.  Their patients, superiors and coworkers expect nothing less. As such, because nurses work hard, they deserve to play ...

Reasons to Consider Becoming a Travel Therapist?

There are hundreds of healthcare staffing companies operating in the US right now and hundreds, if not thousands, of healthcare jobs up for grabs. Many of these jobs are in the travel healthcare industry. If you’re a physical or occupational therapist, then considering a career as a traveler might be ...
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