Amy’s Story: How Travel Nursing Fit My Family’s Needs

Amy has been a nurse since 1999, and has used her experience in many different ways since graduating from the University of Virginia. That’s why she loves nursing; you can always change up your unit if you start getting restless, and there’s always more to learn. Amy’s background is mainly ...

11 Tips for a First-Time Medical Imaging Tech Traveler

Hospitals, imaging labs and outpatient centers depend on traveling radiologic technologists to service a growing number of patients (thanks, Baby Boomers!) who require X-rays, CAT scans, ultrasounds, MRIs and other diagnostic procedures. Traveling medical imaging techs have been known to earn a handsome annual salary (like the traveling nurse salary ...

Why Travel Nursing is Fun as an Empty-Nester?

Many empty nesters and soon-to-be empty nesters have the same question: what’s next? Maybe you’ve been dreaming of the “freedom” that comes with the extra time, space and money you’ll have once the kids have grown up, or maybe you haven’t thoughtfully considered this phase of life yet. Either way, ...
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