10 Winter Essentials Travel Nurses Should Always Carry

Wintertime is not only beautiful, it allows travel nurses to be active outdoors, enjoying activities like skiing and skating. But with all the fun activities associated with winter come a few challenges as well. If you dislike being shut inside the house under a blanket for months on end, you ...
what do travel nurses make

Traveling Nurses Can Make Extra Money with OT

The holidays are closing in quick. Trick or treating is officially over, and turkey is next up on the menu! While many staff nurses and clinicians are thinking about how to take time off this year, travel nurses and traveling allied clinicians are thinking up ways to get a bump ...
5 Tips for Adjusting to a New Facility as a Travel Nurse

5 Travel Nursing Tips for Adjusting to a New Facility

A fine balance between clinical skills and personal abilities is expected from a travel nurse since you need to be flexible and self-motivated in constantly changing surroundings. The biggest challenge often lies in adjusting to a new environment within an already stressful and high-pressure job. Travel nursing tips for every new ...

Travel Nursing Compact States & the eNLC

Updated as of July 3, 2018 The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) has announced the new Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC), which will replace the original NLC with the long-term goal of enabling all 50 states to enact the eNLC. The eNLC implementation date is January 19th, 2018. Here’s ...

[QUIZ] What % Travel Physical Therapist Are You?

Get to experience both adventure and professional growth as a travel PT! Discovering new places while meeting new clients is one of the many perks. Never been a travel physical therapist before, and curious to know if you have the necessary characteristics? Already a travel physical therapist, but want to know ...
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