What’s it Like to Have a Travel Nursing Job in Illinois?

What’s the Illinois travel nursing salary like? Pay packages can seem confusing since every travel nursing company has a different offer depending on the facility, state and other factors. Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, ranks top 12 in The Highest Paying States for RNs list. Nursing License Requirements Illinois is not a member ...

7 Accessories That Every Travel Nurse Should Invest In

Whether you are a nursing student in a clinical rotation or an OR travel nurse, you know how important a well-stocked kit is. The right combination of tools and accessories can often make a long nursing shift go a little more smoothly. Here are eight tools and accessories you should ...

What is a Travel Nursing Contract Extension?

A lot of travel nurses ask the same question, "If I like my travel nursing job, can I get my contract extended?" Yes, you can! Contract extensions are not difficult to manage since you already have your paperwork done, and have gone through necessary orientations. There are countless of other reasons ...
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