Emergency Licensing by State

Emergency orders and licensing requirements have been updated. However, note that while the following changes have occurred, each healthcare facility is managing differently what their exact requirements entail; facilities facing a rapid-response crisis may be implementing these waiver changes, but generally, licensing is still required and in most cases will ...
social equality

Our Plan to Embrace the Challenge

We are sickened at the senseless and brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of the civil servants that are sworn to protect and serve us all.  There is nothing that can be said to justify, excuse, minimize or mitigate this awful reality. Organizations like Black Lives Matter have been ...

2020 National Nurses Week Freebies, Discounts and Deals

More than ever before, companies are offering discounts and freebies to nurses and healthcare workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic (so even if you’re not a nurse, listen up!). Beyond that, 2020 has officially been dubbed “Year of the Nurse” by the World Health Organization (WHO), and that announcement has ...
travel nurse COVID-19 crisis assignment

Resources for travel nurses on a COVID-19 crisis assignment

What’s stronger than the novel coronavirus pandemic? Answer: Travel nurses and other allied healthcare workers, who are saving lives every day despite difficult conditions. Travel nurses and travel allied clinicians have left their homes to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, some on very short notice as facilities are hiring faster than ...

Healthcare workers freebies during COVID-19

Travel nurses, allied travel clinicians, and all healthcare workers have given hospitals (and the world) hope in fighting coronavirus. And the world is giving back! Here's a list of freebies being offered to healthcare travelers during COVID-19. This list of free products and services for healthcare workers and medical staff ...
travel nurse COVID-19 response

What travel nurses want you to know about COVID-19

Jalen Moore, Emerald Travel Nurse Since the novel coronavirus ( we have to tell you) reached pandemic status, a lot of things have happened. March has been quite a year...ahem, *month*. Sports have been canceled or suspended, children in schools all over the U.S. and around the world are now ...
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