travel medical laboratory professional

Why to Consider Becoming a Travel Medical Laboratory Professional

The demand for MLTs, medical technologists, and other laboratory medical professionals

There is a quiet, but growing trend in healthcare to increase clinical lab worker staff at acute care facilities. As  diagnostic and genetic testing becomes more sophisticated, the demand for scientists to work in collaboration with physicians and nurses has increased in conjunction with the increasing volume of lab orders as a result of these advancements and an aging population. Specifically, travel Medical Lab Technicians, Medical Technologists and Clinical Laboratory Scientists are becoming more highly sought-after than ever before as facilities seek to fill their open positions. 


How healthcare facilities are addressing the clinical laboratory workforce shortage

Not surprisingly, many healthcare systems are making contingent staffing a part of their overall workforce solution, and medical laboratory professionals along with allied health agencies are stepping up to the task. In the process, becoming a travel MLT, travel medical technologist or other travel medical laboratory professional has developed into a lucrative career option, the benefits of which are attracting more laboratory medical professionals to become travelers.

Even with the growing demand for lab workforce in hospitals, many professionals in this field haven’t considered traveling since it is still a fairly new career option, and information and resources aren’t as widely available as they are for other travel clinical disciplines, such as travel nursing. As a result, many healthcare facilities aren’t requiring travel experience for clinical lab workers, a must-have for most other travel disciplines. 


How to get started as a travel medical laboratory professional

With all of these factors into consideration, now is the time to pursue a career as a travel med lab tech, travel medical technologist or other travel medical lab professional. The travel experience you acquire now will make you the seasoned traveler every facility wants to hire in the future when competition in this space becomes more prevalent.

Allied recruiters at Emerald specialize in helping medical professionals find the right job fit for them, and answer questions about how to get started as a traveler. Rather than telling healthcare travelers where to go, our recruiters listen to you, and educate you on all of the options with honesty and integrity. Working with a recruiter can be a new concept to healthcare professionals who have never worked in the travel healthcare industry, so it’s important to understand that choosing an agency with a recruiter you trust is your first step in the process. Your recruiter will become your advocate, and will help you take care of the details while you focus on your travel and professional priorities.


Take the first step

If you’re curious about becoming a healthcare traveler, search Emerald’s open travel medical laboratory technician, medical laboratory technologist, and clinical laboratory scientist jobs, download our mobile app, or connect with a recruiter by calling 866.917.5055.