7 Steps to Land Your Dream Travel Healthcare Job

Imagine being able to travel all over the U.S., while maintaining the career you love (and even growing it). Here are the seven steps between you and your first allied healthcare assignment. 1. Stop dreaming. Tomorrow isn’t the best time to start looking for your travel healthcare assignment and destination. It’s right ...

Day In The Life of a Travel Ultrasound Clinician

Ray started his healthcare career in the military as a paramedic, then as an X-ray technician where he became interested in the wide world of medical imaging. He began pursuing a career in sonography. Sonographer, ultrasound tech – titles don’t matter to Ray. He knows what he does and he’s ...

Patrick’s Story: The Financial Aspect of Travel CT Tech Jobs

The Many Benefits of Travel CT Tech Jobs Patrick became a CT technologist because he enjoys the work itself. In his own words, he describes what he does as “fascinating”, but wages in his state were becoming stagnant and health insurance premiums were through the roof. Becoming a traveling medical imaging ...
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