What’s it like to have a Travel Nursing Job in Minnesota?

What’s the travel nursing salary like? According to, The Minnesota Department of Employment currently ranks registered nurses as the second most in-demand occupation in the state. Because of this, travel nurses have a lot of opportunities to grow in their career with a traveling nurse salary. Based on’s 2018 ...

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5 Mindful Choices Traveling Nurses Can Make

Every decision we make as traveling nurses has an impact on the places we visit and the patients we serve. While being a wanderlust worker is definitely fun, it can also be an opportunity to make a difference (even beyond the scrubs)! Here are five things you can do to ...
travel nurse in Pennsylvania

What’s It Like to Be a Travel Nurse in Pennsylvania?

What’s the travel nursing salary like? According to, registered nurses are ranked #5 in the list of most popular jobs in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, a travel nurse can earn a significant income per hour – coupled with the low cost of living in many areas of Pennsylvania, nurses can ...
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What to Know Before Choosing a Travel Nursing Company

Your travel nursing journey begins as soon as you start deciding on a staffing agency you want to work with. Word of advice – don’t rush this since they will be your representative and help you through every step of the process. With so many choices, it gets confusing but ...
OR travel nurse

A Day in the Life of an OR Travel Nurse

Jennifer is a learner. She is not satisfied with average, and just when others might think they’ve reached their full potential, Jennifer sees an opportunity to excel. Whether it’s professionally as a clinician, or as a person who loves to have new experiences, Jennifer loves travel nursing because it opens ...