Experienced Travelers

Common Travel Challenges

It's likely you've experienced some of these challenges:

High expectations: A lot of what is expected of you is tied closely to the high compensation traveling nurses receive.

Possibility of limited personal growth: Assignments don't last long. Sometimes, as soon as you're getting the hang of something it will be time move on.

Increased cost of living: Relocating can be expensive and depending on your location the cost of everything else may be more too.

Meeting new people: Making new connections can be rewarding but can still be challenging.


Emerald Will Address These Challenges

Emerald can address the challenges you may have faced while on other travel nurse assignments:

High expectations: Expectations may be high but we make sure every health professional is in a position that will allow him or her to excel.

Possibility of limited personal growth: You may have to move on from a facility before you're ready and we know this can be challenging for personal growth so we offer free continuing education and tuition discounts so the learning doesn't have to come to a halt.

Increase in cost of living: We attempt to help with fluctuating costs of living by having some of the best pay packages in the industry.

Meeting new people: This can be challenging as a position relocates you, but many of our travel nurses will tell you that's what makes travel nursing so rewarding. We're always available if you need help adjusting into a new position.

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