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From the Nurse Blog
What makes us want to hop in our cars for the next travel assignment? Two words - Great. Music. Without a doubt, it adds an essential part to our wanderlust-mindset and takes our travel experience to another level no matter how old we get. We asked you, #TeamEmerald, to send in that one song you simply have to listen when on a road trip or during a flight; that one song that makes going to the next travel assignment more exciting or relaxing. So while you make memories out there as the best caregiver you can be, we'll be here updating our playlist for you, by you. Check out what other Emerald nurses, therapists and techs like to listen to when they hit the road for their next travel assignment. Follow us on Spotify - you might just come across to a few hidden gems while listening to these tunes! Have a song you feel like we should add? Leave us a comment below with your recommendation and you might see it added to our playlist the next time we update it! Pro tip: When preparing for your upcoming travel assignment, check the events calendar and see if any of your favorite artists are playing while you're in town! Seeing a familiar face -- even if it's just the band that you really love -- can help curb any homesickness you might be feeling. Plus, you might make a new local friend who loves the same music  you do! ____ Connect with us on social media! Facebook Instagram