social equality

Our Plan to Embrace the Challenge

We are sickened at the senseless and brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of the civil servants that are sworn to protect and serve us all.  There is nothing that can be said to justify, excuse, minimize or mitigate this awful reality.

Organizations like Black Lives Matter have been on the forefront of the many peaceful protests in our cities, demanding the much needed systemic and social changes that are long overdue. It has been powerful to see the public outpouring of support for this movement from both individual citizens and corporations.  It is clear that to implement the meaningful and necessary change it will require the involvement and support of strong social advocates, corporate leaders and individual outcry, combined with significant policy and behavioral changes from law enforcement and local & national government.

With that said, Emerald Health Services has the obligation to be part of the solution. We will embrace this challenge and seize this opportunity.  Listed below are a few of the action items we are and will be taking over the upcoming weeks and months:

  • Committee for Change:
    • We are creating a unified committee that consists of members from across the company.  The objective will be to ensure we are leading the way with regard to our policies, procedures and actions in support of a diverse and inclusive work environment.
  • Freedom to Speak Your Voice Initiative:
    • We will be implementing policies that will ensure our employees and clinicians can take time off to support the causes that are important to them.  Whether it is voting, marching in a protest, attending a local hearing or other activities in the community, we will ensure our employees have the ability to participate without impact to their daily workload.
  • Financial Support for Social Causes:
    • We will be implementing policies that will provide for company donations and financial support to both amplify our employee contributions and provide stand-alone contributions to organizations dedicated to social and civil liberty change.
  • Education and Training Opportunities:
    • We will provide our employees and clinicians with a multitude of methods for ongoing education so they can continue to listen, learn, and lean-in towards topics surrounding human rights, social action and justice, along with other important causes.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy:
    • We will never tolerate any form of racism.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but rather the framework for a plan that will get us started on a path in the right direction, with the momentum to facilitate change within our organization and outside of it.  In addition, we welcome and invite all of our employees and clinicians to have open conversations with their managers, Human Resources, recruiters and each other regarding their individual concerns, plans and vision regarding the current situation.

We vow to set an example for staff and the community we serve!



Mark Siegel

Chief Executive Officer

Emerald Health Services