emerald all-stars q1 2021

Announcing the Emerald All-Stars Program & Q1 Recipients

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Emerald Health Services is excited to announce the launch of Emerald All-Stars, a quarterly awards program that honors and celebrates some of the hard working, dedicated and compassionate healthcare travelers of Emerald. Recipients of this award are selected from our team of recruiters to recognize a traveler who went and beyond in their travel contract  during the previous quarter.

Emerald All-Stars will also receive a special gift box in the mail full of goodies that celebrate their invaluable contribution to team Emerald.

Congrats to our Emerald All-Stars of Q1 2021!

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emerald travelers



Tony L.   |   Samrat L.    |   Alejandrina R.   |   Lydia B.   |   Donna C.   |   Shirley E.   |   Shima S.   |   Michelle Z.   |   Valeriya B.   | Lorene N.   |   Susan B.   |   Curtrelle R.   |   Jason L.   |   Rebecca M.   |   Skye R.   |   Ashley Y.   |   Mary Lee M.   |   Amy H.   |   Michael P.   |   Michelle G.   |   Dat N.   |   Julio G.   |   Jonathan C.   |   Heidi A.   |   Anna C.   |   Jasmine J.   |   Mary S.   |   Kristie S.   |   Benjamen G.   |   Washington C.   |   Luisa R.   |   Lisa H.   |   Briana C.   |   Christopher B.   |   Christopher F.   |   Sterling W.   |   Josephine R.   |   Sarah A.   |   Tomisha T.   |   Hanna C.   |   Mary L.   |   Tedra A.

Read what some of our recruiters had to say to their All-Star!

emerald travelers


Danielle Kim – “No matter which facility you are at, what the situation may be, you shine through with your professionalism, clinical expertise, and work ethic. Always the team player, you never shy away from offering help to your co-workers and unit.”

Chris Vasquez – “Thank you for all your hard work during the pandemic but especially these last few months of the year. You have made a significant positive contribution to your community and those in need. You are an All-Star!”

Cynthia Hernandez – “You provide excellent patient care, are a team player everywhere you go, advocate for your patients and every hospital you have worked with will have you return in a heartbeat!”

Lauren Vause – “You are a dedicated, hard-working and caring nurse who consistently goes above and beyond. It is true that by working together we achieve more, and it shows!”

Tina Lockhart – “You’re always kind, honest, and loyal. You’ve worked through the crazy COVID times with no complaints, and it has been truly an honor to work with such an amazing nurse and friend. I know you’ll go far!”

emerald all starsDenise Zimmer – Thank you for fighting so that others have a chance in life! Thank you for being dependable, loyal and extremely flexible. Regardless of circumstances, you always have a positive attitude & professionalism about you that shines like a star!

Heather Fortman – Your integrity, high level of care and passion for your work is not only admired by those around you but also relayed back to us, thank you for being such an outstanding representative of Emerald and a phenomenal human to boot!

Patrick Minoofar – Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with! Wish I could say this was an equal partnership but I know you do all the hard work!

Eliza Dawson – Thank you for not only loving what you do, but loving the people who help along the way. You are a star nurse and a star human being. Never lose that bright light that shines wherever you go.

Melanie Gibson – We have been at it together for a long time now and built a trusting, transparent, great friendship. Thank you for representing Emerald so professionally in all you do and for always being flexible and easy going.