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Emerald All-Stars Q3 2022 Recipients

Quarter three has ended and you know what that means! The Emerald All-Stars Q3 2022 recipients list is here! In case you forgot, Emerald All-Stars is a quarterly awards program that recognizes some of the amazing nursing and allied travelers on Emerald’s team who are dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate among other character qualities. Each recipient was hand-picked by our recruitment team to honor those who went above and beyond in their travel contract during the previous quarter. In addition to being recognized, each All-Star winner also receives a special gift package in the mail!

emerald all-stars

Read what some of our recruiters had to say to their All-Star!

Becca LossCongrats on being an Emerald All-Star. I am so glad that we have had the opportunity to work together for so long. I really enjoy all the times that we get the chance to talk. You are a loyal, hard working and caring nurse. It is truly a joy to be able to work with you!!! 

Tarryn Parker – You have been an amazing nurse to work with! I appreciate you so much for the work you do everyday and the commitment you have towards your patients! 

Christopher Vazquez – Congratulations on being a rockstar this quarter! Thank you for all your hard work and ease to work with. You have become a true traveler and looking forward to many more awesome assignments!

Jessica Toward I just wanted to say congratulations on being nominated as an Emerald All Star! I chose you for my All Star because you stand out by always taking pride in your work and being kind to everyone! You go above and beyond in everything you do and I am very proud to have you on our team. 

Lauren VauseCongrats on being named an Emerald All-Star! You truly are a dedicated, hard-working and a caring nurse to your patients and a wonderful representation of Emerald Health Services. Thank you for always being so proactive and on top of everything. I look forward to many assignments together. You truly are an All-Star! Keep shining! 

Mathew Collins Thank you for your exceptional work. You are a true professional and wanted to award you with our Emerald Q3 All Star Award. It is a pleasure partnering with you 🙂 

Heather Fortman You are truly an All-Star in every way! Thank you for your dedication and compassion. It’s an honor to know and work with you. Keep shining bright! 

Monica Chacon – I just want you to know that I really appreciate your hard work, your easy going nature and for always putting your best foot forward. Thanks for being part of our team. Emerald and I are so grateful to be working with you. 


Congrats to our Emerald All-Stars of Q2 2022!

Justin M.

Geraldine V.

Kelsey M.

Anna J.

Holly C.

Eunice O.

Morgan C.

Virginia J.

Pavel D.

Bryan C.

Megan B.

Brandy J.

Chariah J.

Lisa G.

Adriana J.

Liane T.

Teresa B.

Gloria C.

Noelle H.

Elva H.

Ali U.

Joelie S.

Garth G.

Mariam M.

Sharon L.

Darious F.

Kenneth B.

Madison S.

Heather Y.

Janay B.

Shayla M.

April J.

Amy B.