emerald all stars program

Emerald All-Stars Q3 2021 Recipients

Emerald is thrilled to announce the Q3 (third quarter of 2021) recipients of our Emerald All-Stars awards! Emerald All-Stars is a quarterly awards program that started to honor some of Emerald’s hardworking, dedicated and compassionate healthcare workers. Each recipient has been hand selected by our recruiting team to recognize a traveler who went above and beyond in their travel contract during the previous quarter. In addition to bragging rights, each All-Star winner also receives a special gift package in the mail!


Congrats to our Emerald All-Stars of Q3 2021!

Mitsuzi S.

Tameka S. 

Sanaz S.

Corina B. 

Jonathan P. 

Tiffany P. 

Kelly L.

Janlin C. 

Bernard L. 

Ma Kimlyn B. 

Alyssa F. 

Julie V. 

Gina B. 

Lynda R. 

Marielle D. 

Santiago A. 

Ashley S. 

Darlene S.

Rebekah A. 

Anitra S. 

Suzana M. 

Jennifer D. 

Mackenzie H.

Jacob P.

Jacob L.

Duree S.

Natalie M.

Ashley C.

Kathleen H.

Lennore G. 

Eddie K.

Irene R.

John B.

Jana J.

Brook C.

Lydia A.

Sarah A.

Jeannine B. 

Nathaly U.

Kimberly J.


Read on to find out what some of our recruiters had to say to their All-Star! 

Karen Le – “You came into travel nursing during some of the worst times in our history. You came with the mind to learn and grow your nursing experience. You came with a heart to fight for others to live. Thank you for all that you do. Words are not enough to say how thankful Emerald and myself are for you. I work alongside many nurses and you are one of my favorites. Choosing you as my All-Star nurse was EASY. Thank you.”

 Gloria Ojeda – “Thank you for going on this wild ride of travel nursing with me. Day in and day out you show up, grind and make a difference! I appreciate all you do!”

Monica Chacon – “I’m so proud of you, being a first time traveler during a pandemic you have kept a great attitude and a flexible demeanor.  Thanks for your hard work and your commitment to your purpose as a medical professional.  We are thankful to have you be part of our team.  Your family is so fortunate to have you.”

Chris Vasquez – “Congratulations! You deserve this title of Emerald All-Star. I know this assignment was rough and challenging but you have stuck with it and excelled! You are a huge team player and deserve the recognition for it. Thank you for all your hard work and for traveling with Emerald! You are the best!”

Malinda Figueroa – “I’m so thankful to have you onboard with us here at Emerald, we are the fortunate ones! Your hard work and dedication to this challenging career during a pandemic does not go unnoticed. You are so appreciated!”

Danielle Kim-Whang – “Thank you for your loyalty to us and commitment to your profession.  You are truly one of the best ER nurses out there especially with your ICU background. You never shy away from working hard and commit to your assignment every day.  I know no matter what the situation or environment, you are true to your profession and judgement based on the needs of your patients. All the unit managers, staff, patients, and families appreciate your hard work and dedication.  Congratulations on being my All-Star!”

Cynthia Hernandez – “Congrats on being an Emerald All-Star! I am genuinely grateful to have the opportunity to work with you, your loyalty and to also consider you a friend.”

Camille Morissey – “I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all your hard work! I am so grateful and honored I have had the chance to work with you these past three years and no one deserves this rock star award more than you!

Ryan Wiley – “You already know…you are the OG (Original Gangster) of the Emerald travel nurse department.  Your loyalty, hard work, dedication, communication and friendship is why you are an All-Star.  More than just a quarterly All-Star, I could give you an award every week!  Stay you, thank you for all you do!”

Tina Lockhart – “You make my job so rewarding. I love that you always roll with the punches and always give your best.  The facilities love you, and I love your attitude, work ethic, honesty, and many other positive attributes. Please know I greatly appreciate you, and you truly earned this award. Shine on, my friend.”