Emerald Health Services “I Know a Great Nurse” Referral Program

Emerald Health Services is dedicated to placing the best travel nurses into high paying travel RN jobs throughout the United States. Now you can help them out, and earn $1000 for helping friends find jobs.

The “I Know a Great Nurse” referral program is one of the best referral programs for RN jobs in the country. It offers a cool $1000 to anyone that refers a nurse who successfully completes a travel assignment with Emerald Health Services.

Referral programs for travel nurses are a staple of the healthcare industry, but Emerald is pulling out the big guns in an effort to shake up the travel nurse referral program status quo.

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Anyone Can Refer an RN

If you know of any qualified Registered Nurse that is interested in potentially becoming a travel nurse with Emerald Health Services, you could earn some serious cash and further their career by referring them to the “I Know a Great Nurse” referral program.

Simply follow the link on this page to register your account. Then start earning points and potentially cash. It’s that simple.

The Bonus

$1000 is a LOT of money. You could take the friend you referred to the I Know A Great Nurse referral program out to dinner to celebrate his/her new adventure as a travel RN. $1000 could also go a long way toward booking a trip to whatever exciting destination your registered nurse friend will be visiting.

Of course, you could just spend it on yourself or save it. The point is you’re going to be richer by a grand, and you’re helping your friends discover great opportunities to further their healthcare career and get paid for it.

Even if you don’t know any qualified RNs at the moment you can still earn bonus points. You can cash them in for cool stuff like gift cards just for helping Emerald Health Services spread the word about this amazing nurse referral program.

How ‘I Know A Great Nurse’ Works

Register or Log In

It's easy to start referring, just register and create a login account HERE.


Refer Your Friends or Colleagues

In your account, you can easily use share and earn tools to refer nurses directly. Earn loyalty points for sending emails, writing reviews, and social media sharing.


Earn Cash and Points

You'll earn cash once your friend or colleagues complete their first assignment and accumulate points every time you share.



The Benefits of Travel RN Jobs

Travel nursing jobs with Emerald Health Services are incredible opportunities for Registered Nurses looking for a level of adventure in their career.

Travel RN jobs typically pay more than their stationary counterparts and also provide valuable experience from working in travel assignments.

The Benefits of Emerald Health Services

Emerald Health Services is a healthcare staffing company that prides itself in making a difference by delivering valued service to travel registered nurses and hospitals through high compensation, benefits, incentives, attention and personalized support.

Emerald concentrates on two main areas of health staffing:

Travel nurse staffing (RNs) and permanent placement staffing for RNs and Healthcare Executives.
Healthcare facility staffing solutions for ER, ICU, L&D, Med/Surg, Telemetry, OR, Peds, PICU, NICU and more.

Emerald is one of the largest privately held travel nurse staffing agencies, and working with them has some of the best benefits in an industry known for great benefits.

  • Industry-high pay
  • Great travel nurse health benefits and 401(k) plan
  • Full reimbursed travel nurse professional liability insurance
  • Travel nurse licensure, CEU and certification reimbursement
  • And, of course, great travel nurse loyalty and referral bonus programs like this one.

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