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travel nurse recruiter

Meet Your Emerald Recruiting Specialist, Eliza Dawson.

Eliza Dawson clears the path so you can get the most out of your career as a travel nurse.

Eliza Dawson is an open book for her travelers.

My goal as a recruiter is to provide you with great communication that centers around transparency. There can be an overload of information as you embark on your journey as a travel nurse, some of which can be misleading, and I want you to feel that all questions are answered. This is your career, and I am here to support it however I can. Outside of recruiting, you can find me volunteering, participating as a motivational speaker, or selling some of my artwork. I have been known to send an original card from time to time.

edawson@emeraldhs.com | call/text: (310) 484-2011