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Meet Your Emerald Travel Nurse Recruiter, Jeanine Duperron.

You work hard, and I’ll work harder for you!

One of a kind Recruiter that is dedicated to your overall health, well being and career! I work hard, so you can rest on your days off.

Work hard, play hard! If you are looking for a Recruiter that will be your next best friend, keep it real and be in “your corner”, you’ve found your girl! I’ll even tell you the things that might just “sting” a little bit.. But honesty and respect goes a long way in my relationships. I live by the Golden Rule, I love my dog, the outdoors, movies and hanging out with my family and friends. Plus! Emerald is great, and they have ME! You won’t have a better Friend and/or Recruiter, if you go anywhere else.

[email protected] | call/text: (310) 484-2036

What Jeanine’s travelers are saying

From Google Reviews

I’ve been a travel nurse with Emerald for three assignments and my recruiter Jeanine has been amazing. She’s always looking out for me and assignments that are in my best interest. Always responds to my messages and calls if I have any questions. Having Jeanine as my recruiter is like having a friend finding you great jobs.

Pedro S. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I have always heard great things about Emerald Health from my fellow travel nurses, but recently I’ve had the privilege to experience this for myself. No company is perfect..and I know all encounters will vary…but I do believe that it all starts with your recruiter. I am fortunate to have my continued pursuance as a traveler aided by Jeanine Duperron. I’ve been with many companies for many years, and none of those involvements can compare with my time with Emerald. This fact is not because those other companies were substandard (although some were 😑) but because Jeanine goes over and beyond as a recruiter to make my experience with Emerald a great one. She will advocate for you in any situation or grievances you may have. She also has her work phone linked with her cell phone so she can be accessible during and after business hours. This tells me that she is not just in this for the money, but she really cares about those she’s been assigned to look after. I highly recommend this Emerald Health Services, and hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to have a stellar recruiter like I do.

Jerom H. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I have been a traveler for the past 4+ years and I have to say that Emerald is one of the best companies out there. I have used several companies for assignments, including the big famous ones we travelers all know. For me, Emerald has always given me the most transparent offers and the best service, thanks to my favorite recruiter, Jeanine Duperron. She is an amazing recruiter and person. Jeanine is honest, straightforward, prompt and reliable. Working with Jeanine is always a treat!

Lennore G. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I would highly recommend marking all the categories and beyond as excellent for Emerald Health Services. Love working with my recruiter Jeanine she is exceptional and extremely competent. Goes above and beyond!! Most importantly, exemplifies a high level of emotional maturity, respect and compassion to nurses. Always a remarkable experience!!

Cynthia A. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I have been with Emerald health services for over 3 years. I have worked with a recruiter that goes the extra mile to ensure that my job is not only a perfect fit but a safe one as well. Jeanine remains my personal favorite recruiter who makes sure nurse satisfaction is a priority and maintains quality service.She is a great asset to the company by displaying patience and diligence. Emerald health services maintains its five star rating in my book. Iam a proud nurse of EMERALD!

Kodie H. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I’ve been with Emerald for a few years now. And the entire experience from the beginning has been awesome. There were a few challenges that I encountered while on assignments and Emerald and especially my recruiter Jeanine has supported me through them all. I’d like to mention that not only is Jeanine an awesome recruiter, I consider her an awesome friend. Always kind and thoughtful even when she goes through her own challenges. I’m glad I’m part of her team.❤️❤️

Michelle S. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

Jeanine is the most amazing recruiter I’ve worked with and I’ve been a traveler for the last 5 years. She is so sweet, responsive, and a really hard worker! She will go to bat for her travelers without question. Jeanine is a blessing to travel nurses and emerald health!

Valory P. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

Having been with Emerald Health Services throughout the years, I have found them to be a top tier company in terms of nursing contracts for travelers. My Recruiter, Jeanine Duperron, has always made it known I am the number one priority. Not only does she respond to any question I might have immediately, she goes above and beyond when it comes to finding contracts that fit my exact needs. Overall I have never had a better experience with a company.

Cindy F. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

Jeanine Duperron is my recruiter and she is more like a best friend to me instead of just being my recruiter. Whenever I am on a contract she strives to ensure everything is taken care of and that I don’t have any issues to worry about. Emerald Health has a rare gem within their ranks and her name is Jeanine. I absolutely love and adore her!

Niecy N. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

Emerald is one of my favorite companies to work with. They have highly competitive contracts not to mention excellent recruiters. Jeanine Duperron, recruiter, is amazing! She is always professional, attentive responses, positive energy and makes you feel like there are one hundred family members working for your benefit even after you secure your contract. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, Emerald Health Services with Jeanine Duperron as your recruiter is the company you have been wanting to work with.

Garner W. – Travel Nurse