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Emerald Health Services

Is this your first travel allied assignment?


I’m a new traveler.


I’m ready for more!

Ready to hit the road and live your best life?

You’ll work one-on-one with your Emerald recruiter, who’ll match you with the right travel allied healthcare job, in the right destination.

Life is short. The world is wide.
Choose your U.S. destination.

Emerald travelers can find the right work/life opportunities pretty much anywhere across the country.

What can you expect from your Emerald experience?

Get Paid

You’ll never second-guess your value at Emerald. Expect a competitive salary with bonuses and rewards to boot.


Choose the benefits you need based on your lifestyle and circumstances. Plus, receive full coverage from day one of your assignment!

Concierge-Level Guidance

Your Emerald recruiter goes above and beyond to give you confidence in every step of your stress-free journey.

Live Life To Your Fullest

Unlock the life you want with an allied healthcare job (and locale) that suits your career goals and lifestyle.

#OnlyAtEmerald isn’t a hashtag.
It’s a way of life.

Glimpse the people you’ll meet and places you’ll go.

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