5 Ways Travel Nurses Can Treat Themselves for Valentine’s Day

It’s going to be all about love on February 14, and that includes loving yourself! We put together some ideas on how travel nurses can celebrate Valentine’s Day by showering love to the most important patient in your life – you.

  1. Write yourself a love letter
    travel nurses
    Want a healthy boost of ego? Take a piece of paper and start writing down things that you love about yourself. It could be about your passion and dedication to your travel nursing job or even the way you cook. Keep it in a special place and read it every time you need a dose of self-love.
  2. Whip up an exceptional dish

    Life is too short for overnight oats every day. When you need a little break from the usual food, go to your kitchen, grab those special ingredients that you’ve been saving, and start cooking. Bring out your inner Gordon Ramsey and start plating like a pro (maybe just don’t tweet him about it unless you want his honest opinion). Find that perfect lighting and ‘gram it!
  3. FaceTime and chill
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    Traveling from one place to another can make it difficult to stay in touch with a lot of friends. Plus, sometimes your shift may seem so long… who has the time and energy? This Valentine’s Day, do everything you can to spare at least one hour to catch up with your friends and family back home. After all, what is FaceTime for?
  4. Let the gifts come to you!
    New Year, New Gear
    Who says you need to spend money for Valentine’s Day? When you sign on to an eligible Cirrus travel nursing assignment before February 22, 2019, you will receive your choice of gifts! If you’ve been longing for an Apple Watch, it’s time to go for it. Give your recruiter a call or apply here. Total expense? Zero.
  5. Organize your Spotify playlist

    Always hitting the next button? Maybe it’s time to apply the KonMari method with music too! Create a playlist with songs that spark joy in you – it will be perfect whenever you travel from one nursing assignment to the next. And oh, don’t forget to thank each song before deleting it!

Valentine’s Day or not, your Cirrus travel nursing recruiters are always more than ready to spend time with you! Give them a call at 800-299-8132.