Travel Nursing Job in Texas

What’s it Like to Have a Travel Nursing Job in Texas?

travel nursing job in TexasWhat’s the travel nursing salary like?

With over 400 hospitals in Texas, the Lone Star State is always looking for registered nurses to fill up both perm and travel nursing positions. Just like other states, some contracts may offer you a high hourly travel nursing salary, but much of that depends on your nursing specialty and other considerations.

Nursing License Requirements

Since Texas is part of the nursing compact states (can we get a woo-hoo?), travel nurses with a compact license can practice without having to go through additional applications and fees, not to mention the waiting period.

Places to Visit:

Being the second largest state in the U.S., Texas has a large range of things for travel nurses to do and explore.

  • Padre Island National Seashore – Plan a weekend getaway to this little island with your new-found friends from the facility you’re working in. Healthcare professionals can use some white sand beach, scenic dunes and warm ocean water to rejuvenate.
  • Space Center – If you’re on a travel nursing assignment with your children, take them to see real rockets only 30 minutes away from Houston. Don’t let them miss the chance to dress up as an astronaut and experience a space simulator.
  • Dealey Plaza – Forget about biology, anatomy and chemistry for a moment. Brush up on your American history as you visit the birthplace of Dallas and the assassination site of President John F. Kennedy. Walking around at your own pace, you’ll notice famous buildings, fountains and a lot of sidewalk entertainment.

Food to Try:

KolachesIt took a while for the foodie in us to narrow down our list to only three picks. Everything looks delicious and once you’ve tasted the best of what the state has to offer, it won’t taste the same anywhere else!

  • Breakfast Tacos – Tired of having sandwiches before you head off to your nursing shift? Have a sumptuous meal with tortillas, cheese, scrambled eggs, potatoes, salsa, bacon and a whole lot more. If you’re in Houston, visit Laredo Taqueria – these exotic, portable meals are only for $2 each!
  • Kolaches – Not your regular pastries, they’re a traditional Czech wedding dessert that have become a breakfast staple in Texas. Two Czech Chicks Kolache Shoppe and Bakery in Danbury is a must-try!
  • Barbeque – We can all agree that Texas is a big meat-loving state and without a doubt has the best BBQs in the world! Although Snows BBQ in Lexington opens only on Saturdays, people travel from all over to get a taste of their ribs.


Thinking of taking a step into travel nursing? Texas is a great place to start – it’s already a compact state, has a huge demand and wide options to maintain work-life balance. Speak to a Cirrus recruiter to apply over the phone at 800-299-8132.