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10 Instagram Accounts Travel Nurses Should Follow

traveling nurses and travel nurses to followTravel Nurses That Inspire

Looking for inspiration from other nurses, or possibly travel registered nurses? We pick our top Instagrammers for you to get a glimpse of some of the stunning pictures and motivating photos in the insta-world from staff RNs and travel nurses alike.

Staff Nurses & Traveling Nurses to Follow

  1. Valentine Ewudo
    If you aren’t already following Valentine, our only question to you is, WHY? He is the voice behind the empowering podcast called “Think Alpha Project.” One of the first ones we listened to was a conversation with author Terrence Terrell who shared his experiences and spoke about self-love. Check it out if you’re looking for something that will uplift you!
  2. The Gypsy Nurse Chronicles
    Ebony is the creator of The Gypsy Nurse Chronicles which shows her travel nursing journey going from state to state and in different countries! Last year, she visited Madagascar for a medical mission and posted about her realizations of leading a simple life. Cheers to noble and humble nurses!
  3. Teresa Trejo
    This Latina saves lives three days out of the week while killing it in the gym most of the days. Teresa, a travel nurse and a Cherokee Uniforms Ambassador, inspires travel nurses to break a sweat and look extremely fit in those scrubs!
  4. Lipstick & Lifesaving
    Marissa is nailing her insta-game! Her posts are not only creative, they also reflect positivity and happiness. She is, without a doubt, passionate about nursing – is a surgical ICU nurse herself but another one of her passions is make-up. She even worked for Benefit Cosmetics and Sephora. So ladies, she might just be your new BFF!
  5. Vaughn Spain
    We love to stalk our very own Cirrus Ambassador’s Instagram feed and stories. His daily posts about the day in the life of travel nurses will remind you about life beyond the scrubs, or as he’d like to hashtag #beyoundthascrubs. Nursing is his passion and so are his friends and family!
  6. Nurse Ki
    traveling nurseAkilah’s photos will make you want to learn how to pose. She is one of the four travel nurses of the growing YouTube channel, The Black Travel Nurse, which by the way, you should definitely subscribe to! They talk about the most frequently asked, but not frequently answered, question – How much do travel nurses make, anyway?
  7. Bianca Soffer
    With over 61,000 followers on Instagram and over 53,000 subscribers on YouTube, this travel nurse is undeniably enjoying the journey. Bianca is originally from the Sunshine State – Florida. No wonder her feed is full of sunshine, too! It screams adventure, happiness and love. A treat for nurses looking for cheerful content!
  8. The Resilient Nurse
    Her patients know her as Monique Doughty, the social media world knows her as Nurse Mo. She’s a critical care travel registered nurse who created her brand, The Resilient Nurse LLC, to inspire nurses that work-life balance is not impossible. Not only is she the Brand Ambassador for Cherokee Scrubs and Sapphire Medical Apparel, but she also has her own merch , too!
  9. Holley Rojek
    Coffee is life! Every nurse out there swears by this and so does Holley! A nursing student, fitness enthusiast and a beauty lover. Her healthy food posts will motivate travel nurses to ditch the bag of chips and grab some fruits instead.
  10. Nurse Abnormalities
    Nursing shifts can be really tiring and long, but Danielle’s memes are a total stress buster and they’re totally relatable! She’s a Cardiac ICU Nurse, was a travel registered nurse (so travel nurses can relate!), and is currently working on her DNP degree. Follow her for a good laugh while she instantly recognizes the unique and beautiful quirks of nursing.

Notice a traveling nurse that we didn’t list?

Did we miss your favorite travel nurses’ Instagram page? We’d love to check them out. Send us a DM @cirrusmedicalstaffing with their Instagram handles and we might just follow them, too! While you’re here, check out our travel nursing jobs to find your next Instagrammable moment.