10 Things People Have Tweeted About Occupational Therapy Month

If there’s one thing about OTs, they know how to celebrate April as Occupational Therapy Month in style. But let’s be real: there is a lot of things OTs are great at – problem solving, inspiring, educating… and tweeting. With 2017 marking occupational therapy’s centennial year (it was established in 1917), we’ve curated some of the best things that have been tweeted about Occupational Therapy Month so far.

1. OTs know what it really takes (caffeine)

2. Occupational therapy: explained

3. Making a difference

4. They know their stuff

5. Putting the “fun” in functional

6. Inspiring their patients, inspiring the world

7. Telling it like it is

8. Throwing it back to ‘56

9. Helpful tips come second nature to OTs

10. Humble brag

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