10 Winter Essentials Travel Nurses Should Always Carry

10 Winter Essentials Travel Nurses Should Always CarryWintertime is not only beautiful, it allows travel nurses to be active outdoors, enjoying activities like skiing and skating. But with all the fun activities associated with winter come a few challenges as well. If you dislike being shut inside the house under a blanket for months on end, you will need to keep your body warm and your spirit high during this time of the year. Make sure you have these winter essentials with you to survive the temperature drop without getting frostbite.

  1. Wear the right layers
    Fight the cold by wearing the correct layers. For inner layer, choose something that will keep you dry. Synthetic wicking fabrics are much better than the cotton ones since they don’t trap the moisture inside. For middle layer, choose something that will insulate and protect you.
  2. Lip balm
    Although lip care is essential throughout the year, it is especially critical during the winter season. Fight dryness and avoid chapped lips by always keeping a lip balm in your makeup pouch.
  3. Ice scraper
    As a travel nurse, having your car in tip-top shape is a priority, so what do you do if your car is covered in snow? Make sure to have the right tools with you so the snow doesn’t interfere with your daily routine or make you late for your shift. Have an ice scraper on hand just in case.
  4. Thermal underwear
    Since strong winds characterize winter, you need to ensure the wind doesn’t rip through the thin fabric of your scrubs. Wear thermal underwear or compression stockings underneath your scrubs to stay toasty.
  5. Scarf
    Scarves don’t only transform your winter attire into something more glamorous and vibrant, but they also help you feel comfortable and warm. Wearing a scarf will help you retain your body’s natural heat, as well as protect your hair from mist and fog.
  6. Cordless hair dryer
    Yes, a hair dryer can give you instantly fresh and voluminous hair, but it’s also a great tool to keep in your car just in case your doorknobs get frozen.
  7. Snow boots
    You need to keep your feet warm and dry all day because nobody likes soggy shoes for an entire shift. Insulated and waterproof snow boots serve this purpose perfectly. You might also consider wearing an extra pair of socks.
  8. Gloves
    You need warm and dry hands to carry on various tasks in the hospital. Waterproof gloves will shield your hands from the extreme weather and allow you to remain active.
  9. Hand cream
    Speaking of hands, we rely on our hands for everything we do, but we rarely give them the TLC they deserve. Use the most soothing hand cream for ultimate hydration during dry winter.
  10. Have the right items in your car
    If you’re traveling from one assignment to the other this winter, some of the things you should always have with you are a blanket, jacket, and socks – just in case you ever get stranded on the road. You might also need a shovel and a snow brush, among others.

Author Bio: Marion Johnson is a Nurse Supervisor, Educator, Online Contributing Writer, and a Clinician. Her experience through the MSN and DNP journey has allowed her to carryout extensive research on various nursing issues. Her admirable nursing skills have seen her transition from roles such as nursing assistant, nurse supervisor, assistant director of nursing, to an online nurse instructor.