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12 Travel Nurse Tips for Becoming an Instagram Superstar

travel nurse tipsWho says only celebrities get to have a rocking #instafeed? Instagram is undeniably a favorite social media app for most travel nurses. Just how awesome is it? It’s a platform where they can share their travel clicks, OOTDs, food finds and their artistic skills in taking beautiful scenery photos.

If you’re wondering how to become Instagram famous, we asked 6 travel nurse bloggers to share their tips and tricks on how to take your feed to not only a celebrity level, but a superstar level. These attention-getting ideas will improve your caption, profile and hashtag game during your travel nursing jobs!

Ready? Let’s get started.

Travel nurse tips for Instagram super-stardom:

  1. Always follow HIPAA.
    Every workplace is going to have a social media policy – some could be stricter than others. Always err on the side of caution and don’t share ANY patient-specific information on Instagram or take pictures at work that could include HIPAA protected material. Represent your employer and the profession well.
  2. Use the search tab to find “places!”
    If you’re traveling to a new city, this is a great way to find new restaurants, shops, or areas to go sightseeing! All the pictures with that location added will show up. It’s always worth scrolling through. Feel free to add your location to your pictures, but do it retrospectively if you don’t want people knowing where you are in real time. Safety first!
  3. Don’t hesitate to block the creepers.
    Instagram is getting saturated with all sorts of interesting people. Complete strangers can send a “hey girl” to your DMs. Unless you’re interested in meeting people this way, don’t feel obligated or guilty “dismissing” their messages or blocking them to get them out of your feed.
  4. The light is your friend!
    Find the natural light around you. Your pictures will look a hundred times better and you can tone down on the filters. Unless you want to have bunny ears, then by all means go for it.

The Burnout Book

Contributor: Nurse Anna , Burnout survivor, 4300+ followers

  1. Write your own captions.
    A lot of people find captions more relatable when you write about it. Share your own experiences instead of using a generic quote that everyone has already seen on Pinterest.
  2. Post quality pictures.
    What’s the first thing people see when they come to your profile? Your pictures! The top 9 photos display everything you want your followers to know when they arrive to your profile so keep it interesting. The pictures you post should be eye-catching enough to make someone STOP scrolling down their feed to pause and read your caption.
  3. Utilize strategic hashtags.
    If you’re looking to gain followers, utilize hashtags that relate to the people you want to follow you. As a travel nurse, you would want to use top hashtags that travel nurses follow. Random hashtags like #ilovedogs aren’t as useful because the people following that hashtag are most likely looking for pictures of dogs, not travel nursing tips.
  4. Engage with your audience.
    Like, comment, follow and build genuine relationships with your followers and social media influencers in your niche. This leads to collaborations and real life events which help gain a large amount of followers in a short amount of time.

Sarah Gaines

Contributor: Sarah Gaines, Labor & Delivery Travel Nurse, 2600+ followers

  1. Only put up your best content.
    Even if you haven’t posted in a while, don’t fall into the trap of posting something just to post. Wait until you have your best stuff, it’ll be worth it.
  2. Have fun with it!
    Don’t stress out and don’t take yourself too seriously. Your posts will start getting better once you stop caring what other people think.

Contributor: Kylee Nelson, Travel NICU Nurse, 1000+ followers

  1. Provide relevant information.
    Give the audience something they can gain – whether that’s a fun fact, an inspiration or a giveaway while maintaining a theme. Try to keep the posts related to each other.

Leah Gnitka

Contributor: Leah Gnitka, Scrubs in a suitcase, 2300+ followers

  1. Live your life to the fullest.
    Try your best to find happiness and fun in every situation – good or bad. Get involved in various activities or events during your 13-week travel nursing assignment. Make new friends and do adventurous things together. This will reflect on your feed.

Contributor: Kaitlynn Marie, Dog mom, 1100+ followers

It’s not difficult to create a beautiful Instagram feed, but being strategic and consistent will make you a superstar! Follow all the contributors above for more inspiration; don’t forget to follow us too at @cirrusmedicalstaffing.