3 Delightful Ways to Say Thank You During Nurses’ Week

Thanking Nurses on Nurses' Week

Nurses’ week is just around the corner and celebrations for one of the vital professions in the medical field are abound. How do you plan on joining the festivities and showing your appreciation to the nurses that have touched your lives?

Here are some tips from Cirrus Medical Staffing on how to put more zing on Nurses’ special week:

  1. Gifts from the heart!
    Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially if they are heartfelt. In choosing gifts for nurses, make sure they are relevant and it is something they can use.Nurses walk all day long and a pair of new shoes would be a perfect gift. Also, most nurses run on caffeine, so gift cards from their favorite coffee shop would be a treat. If you know them, you’d know what will make them smile!
  2. A fun break (better than bathroom break)!!Nurses work hard to provide care for us or our loved ones, surely they get tired and deserve a break. Break the monotony and bring games, have a feast, and have fun! Nurses barely get a potty break  so a little fun distraction would be nice (and going to the restroom too!).
  3. Post, post, and post!!!
    People who work hard deserve a pat on the back and nurses are no exception. Recognize their efforts through the different social media outlets and inter-office memo. Show your support with them on issues that concern nurses, share awesome feats or accomplishments, or give credit to the many inspirational stories nurses tell. Have a “selfie” with your favorite RN and ask him or her if you can share it so the internet world would know how awesome he/she is! And remember to always say thank you… nothing can get more heart-warming than that.