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5 Best Things About Travel Nurse Jobs

If traveling was free, then we would go everywhere. Lo! Travel nurse jobs give you the option to get away from home, step outside of your usual routine and take the plunge.

  1. Say goodbye to hospital politics
    hospital politics

    Among all possible reasons, this one might quite possibly be the best! You’re new and you know you will be interacting with your co-workers for 13-weeks only. Drama? There’s simply no time! You come in, take care of your patients, and when your contract is up, you move to the next facility. Plus, as a traveler, you’re a pro at dealing with different types of personalities. You know exactly what to avoid, where you’re needed, whom to engage with, and when to say something.
  2. A good time to say hello!

    Going from one city to another, from one facility to another, you see new faces and make new friends… everything feels fresh and exciting. Even introverts build the courage to talk to new people when traveling. Networking is certainly one of the perks of travel nurse jobs – find your co-workers on Instagram and hang out next time you’re in the same city, or ask for travel nurse housing advice!
  3. Versatility at its finest

    Every place has its own culture, weather, and vibe. The same goes for every facility… they have their own activities and traditions, but as a traveler, you’ve seen it all and can easily adapt. An unfamiliar environment does not increase your anxiety, but just the opposite – change is exciting! Your flexibility makes you better-rounded, and there’s nothing you’re unprepared to handle. Weather turning cold? You packed a pair of thermal leggings! Got a lot of patients? You know how to make the rounds efficiently while giving each patient the highest level of quality care.
  4. State and city hopping

    50 states belong to the United States of America and there are around 19,000 cities in the country, how many have you already visited? With travel nursing, you build a new home in various places, you climb a different mountain, you watch the sunset at the shore of an undiscovered beach and if you’re daring enough, maybe you go for an extreme sports adventure!
  5. Money. ‘Nuff said.

    New hire bonus, referral bonus, and now Cirrus Medical Staffing is also offering a $3,000 completion bonus on selected assignments… Yay for more rewards! On top of all these, you can also receive health insurance for travel nurses, free nursing CEU, reimbursement for travel costs and a 401k plan. Traveling nurse salary is typically more than staff nurses, so get your bank accounts ready!

These are just five of the many reasons to love travel nursing jobs. Share what you like best by tweeting us @TravelingNurses.