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5 Biggest Hacks Every Travel Nurse Should Know

travel nursing

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or you’re about to embark on your assignment as a travel nurse, picking up a few of these hacks will help keep you organized sane on the road to your destination.

Are these travel hacks on your radar

1.  Save space wherever possible

If you’re traveling to your next assignment by car, the thought of fitting everything you’ll need for the next three months in your vehicle may seem daunting. That’s why every little bit of space you have counts. Try out these tips next time you’re filling your car to the brim:

  • Rolling clothes instead of folding can help you squeeze a few extra items in your suitcase, as can using belts to line collars (both of which keeps wrinkles away).
  • Make use of nooks and crannies in your car, like the area around your spare tire, and underneath seats.
  • Use bags instead of suitcases where possible – they’ll conform to an odd space more easily.

2.  Keep all documents electronically

Licenses, shot records, and resumes, oh my! As a travel nurse, you’ve got no shortage of paperwork to keep track of. Scan all of your documents and send them to your email in case of a loss – we’ve got a list of helpful smart phone apps to help you do this.

3.  Store smartly

Speaking of losing track of important things, help yourself out by storing cords and cables (like phone chargers) in a sunglasses case. This will help keep electronics from getting smooshed, and also provide easy access so you’re not scrambling to locate a charger the night before you start your assignment (a dead phone won’t set off your alarm clock, after all!).

4.  Happy pet, happy owner

If you’ve got a fur-baby accompanying you on your travel assignment, make sure you’re prepared. Make a “pet kit” and put it in the passenger seat so you can access it every time you make a stop. In the kit, pack food, bottled water, a bowl, leash, plastic bags for waste, and their immunization records. Just like you’ll want to bring a comfort from home, bring a favorite toy or bed so they have a sense of familiarity. Make sure you don’t feed your pet in a moving vehicle! #itcanwait

5.  Food on the road

If you make a habit of planning your meals at home (or even if you don’t), there’s no reason not to plan your meals for the road. Opt for portable meals that don’t need to be refrigerating so you have snacks within arm’s reach – if those Snicker’s commercials taught us anything, you’re not you when you’re hungry. Also, try to plan your food stops ahead of time so you can enjoy some local restaurants on your way. As someone who gets to travel as part of your job, make the most of it by discovering a diner, drive-in or dive along your journey.

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