5 Crazy Things Nurses Did to Get Blissful Sleep

Did you know that sleep-related problems affect 50 to 70 million American of all ages? That’s one huge number. This year, The National Sleep Foundation is having its annual National Sleep Awareness Week on April 23 to 29, 2017.

Isn’t it ironic how nurses preach for better health but end up not getting enough sleep themselves? As we all know, sleep is an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle. It repairs our heart and blood vessels and helps us to feel refreshed. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get rid of those under-eye circles?

Aside from having long shifts, travel nurses have to deal with odd travel times too. It’s a challenge to get a good seven to nine hours of blissful sleep despite trying everything we can to reach those numbers.

Have you done any of these crazy things?

1. Please read carefully.

To all the night shift nurses out there who have not tried this, you definitely should! Hopefully, your guests take a step back before ringing the doorbell. Fingers crossed.

2. Calculation on fleek.

Who needs a sleep calculator when you can do it on your own? This is the time you should make use of your brilliant math skills!

3. Do not disturb.

Now, this should be something available in all home centers. Don’t need CPR? Good. I can sleep longer.

4. Cuddle buddies.

Going home to your excited fuzz-balls is the sweetest time of the day! They welcome you with sweet kisses. Crashing off with them and snuggling up to their warm fur feels extra terrific and relaxing.

5. Take a nap or two.

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How long can you stay awake while waiting for the dialysis to get done? Grab a can of Red Bull or a cup of coffee to keep those eyes open.