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5 Mindful Choices Traveling Nurses Can Make

traveling nursesEvery decision we make as traveling nurses has an impact on the places we visit and the patients we serve. While being a wanderlust worker is definitely fun, it can also be an opportunity to make a difference (even beyond the scrubs)! Here are five things you can do to encourage social and environmental sustainability on your travels.

  1. Give your time as a volunteer.
    The nursing profession itself is a noble one, and you have the skills to take it to the next level! As a travel nurse, there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer. Reach out to ethical organizations before your travel nursing job starts and let them know your availability. Want to get out of your scrubs during your free time? You can join efforts like World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, (WWOOF) if you want to spend a few hours helping out on a farm.!
  2. Go home with hand-made souvenirs.
    There’s a famous quote that goes, “Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.” What better way to spark a wonderful memory than a hand-made souvenir made locally from your assignment location? Avoid getting something that will end up in the trash bin after a few months. Go for a painting, an embroidered wallet or a wooden craft. They’re authentic, meaningful plus you get to be a confidence booster to the local artists and designers.
  3. Walk, bike, or scoot to work.
    Rather than taking a car from your house to the facility you’re working in, wake up a few minutes earlier and go for a walk if you live close enough. Get some great exercise, save your gas and parking money for something else. In case you’re having a hard time breaking the 4-wheel habit, get a 2-wheeler if you’re comfortable on a bike! You’ll be able to see, smell and hear things you might never notice in a car. Cities are also seeing more electric scooters up for the riding through apps like Bird.
  4. Carry a water bottle.
    As a traveling nurse agency, Cirrus Medical Staffing strives to find swag that is useful and isn’t harmful to the planet, which is why they recently gave away Tervis tumblers to all of our travelers during Nurses Week. Plastic bottles play a large roll in polluting the ocean, among other environmental crises. So, stay hydrated during your road trip with reusable bottles instead.
  5. Respect the history and culture of the city.
    Every city has its own story, and being knowledgeable about it allows you to gain a whole new appreciation of the culture and people. During your days off, visit monuments, tourist spots and even any infamous holes-in-the-wall to earn a well-rounded perspective about the place you’re living temporarily. There may be a difference in the accent, food or fashion style but understanding and making an effort to get to know the local culture are the keys to an even better travel experience. It makes a great story for you too!


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