5 One-Of-a-Kind Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

Wherever travel nurses go, they hunt for souvenirs to ensure the mementos they bring home for their family and best friends are special. Isn’t it time to give them a lil’ something too? Below are five of our favorite picks:

  1. Charm Bracelet

    If you feel like Pandora is way too expensive, go for a more affordable option like this one from DesignsBySuzze. It’s handmade and they give you an option to choose how many charms you want to include. Want to add your friend’s birthstone too? Go ahead!
  2. Watch

    Every person has a story to tell. What if the watch does all the talking? These watches make a great conversation piece. Sunny River Creations created all the art work and has guaranteed to fix it if they get loose. She also made sure that the watch has a second hand so your travel nurse friend can take pulse rates!
  3. Pillow

    With all the traveling from one place to the other every 13 weeks, travel nurses tend to get neck and shoulder pain. Give them the gift of comfort with this pillow. Whether driving or taking a flight, they can bring this with them. With the description of a nurse written, it will inspire them to be the best nurse they can be! I Define Me Project gives you a variety of sizes to choose from.
  4. Socks

    Working every day in the same ol’ scrubs can get boring but the good news is nurses can rock some funky socks under them! The Sock Drawer has these instagram-worthy ones which can’t stop you from showing them off. If you can get patterned compression socks, that would be even more awesome! With the long shift and challenging work, they’ll help increase blood circulation and prevent any physical discomfort.
  5. Coffee Tumbler

    “Do not speak to me until I have my cup o’ Joe!” How many times have you heard this line? Without a doubt, coffee is an essential part of a nurse’s life. Star Tangled Arts could probably add another option to their nursing Starbucks tumbler – coffee in an IV!

These gifts are great, but we all know the greatest gift you can give is to refer-a-friend to one of our jobs for their next travel assignment.