Travel Nursing Books

8 of the Best Books All Travel Nurses Must Read

Travel Nursing Books
National Book Lovers day is coming up on the 9th of August and we can’t wait to share our recommendations to all the voracious readers of travel nursing! Take a break from Netflix and dust off your reading glasses. There are dozens of great books written especially for travel RNs like you. You can read these books anywhere while you’re on the road (not literally while you’re driving), on the beach, at the airport or even on a train. Here are our top picks:

  1. Inspiring the Inspirational: Words of Hope from Nurses to Nurses by Sue Heacock
    The book is a compilation of stories of true life nursing from nurses around the country. You will laugh, you may cry; but all stories will serve as reminders of the importance of what nurses do every day! Sprinkled throughout the work are inspirational quotes from famous people and insights from the book’s contributors!Available on Amazon for $12.99
  2. How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be: The 25 Principles of Success by Jack CanfieldJack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and the owner of an $80 million business, tells the readers to start now and just do it! He shares some powerful tools that nurses can apply to achieve professional, personal and emotional development.Available on Amazon for $9.48
  3. Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2017 by Epstein Larue
    Epstein Larue, a Cirrus Medical Staffing traveler, shares her knowledge about travel healthcare – from finding the perfect travel assignment for you to negotiating contracts to PBDS testing. There’s a lot of up-to-date information in the Highway Hypodermics series of books.Available on Amazon for $22.02
  4. Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Nancy Mitchell-Autio, and LeAnn Thieman
    This book not only gives you different nursing scenarios you can relate to but also stories you can laugh at. Oftentimes just knowing there’s another nurse who went through a situation similar to you will help to keep you going.Available on Amazon for $11.45
  5. Caring for Difficult Patients: A Guide for Nursing Professionals by Joseph Koob
    Not every patient is going to like you and be your best friend or thank you, despite the level of work you commit to them. In fact, some may actually be rude to you for absolutely no reason at all. So how do you take care of patients like this? Learn from other people’s experience. Caring for the Difficult Patients is what this book is all about.Available on Amazon for $12.95
  6. Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not by Florence Nightingale
    Although it was written way back in 1859, the book is surprisingly relevant today. It is an easy read, and will give you many insights into why we practice nursing the way we do today, and why nursing must continue to evolve.Available on Amazon for $8.80
  7. The Shift: One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients’ Lives by Theresa Brown
    In this bestseller, the author walks us through one 12-hour shift on a busy cancer ward in a large teaching hospital. Four patients face the real-life drama of cancer treatment, life-altering medical decisions, family struggles, and mortality. It talks about staffing ratios, patient acuity, medical documentation, and the importance of empathy in cancer care.Available on Amazon for $9.25
  8. Hitting the Road: A Guide to Travel Nursing by Shalon Kearney
    On Goodreads, Hitting the Road got a rating of 4.5 stars. If you’re new to travel nursing, this book may just be your Bible. It explores various travel issues like tax strategies and guides you through with tips, personal insights and self-assessment exercises.Available on Amazon for $12.62

If you had to choose one of these books to read while traveling to your nursing assignment, which would it be?