Best #NursesWeek Tweets We’ve Seen So Far

Nurses are always ready for an adventure in Twitter land. It’s fun, educational and a platform to have a conversation with each other – some very informational and empowering stuff. So what’s happening there during nurses week? The following are our top picks:

1. The call of duty

Nurses don’t stop being a nurse when the shift ends. It’s a 24/7 job. Let’s make every week nurses week, everyday nurses day. Hearing a special “thank you” from patients and co-workers is all you need to keep you inspired.

2. Hear, hear

We certainly don’t mind gifts and free food but if you’re wondering what we really want, it’s a lower nurse to patient ratio. Not only during nurses week but for a longer term.

3. Have you taken the pledge?

Here is a little reminder to inspire you to be the best version of yourself – a better person, a more committed nurse, and a more dedicated professional.

4. Nom nom nom

Who wouldn’t want free food? You’ve been heard! Cinnabon is thanking nurses during Nurses Week by giving away free Classic Roll, MiniBon roll, and little BonBites. Just remember to bring your ID when claiming.

5. You make a difference

You are privileged to witness the beginning and end of life. Every day, you get a chance to make someone smile. Every day, you learn to be grateful. Nurses, be proud of you!

6. The real issue

For years and years, nurses have been wanting the issue of nursing shortage to be resolved. Cast your vote – it’s one step to being heard!

7. The big WHY

Nurses face a lot of challenges daily. When facing such times, take a moment and think WHY you chose to be in this profession. This will inspire you to be more dedicated and be the best version of yourself.

8. From the other side…

This nurses week, give yourself the gift of reading. Christine Magnus Moore, an oncology nurse, writes about her fight against cancer.