[GIVEAWAY] 5 Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Your Travel Nursing Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up, you’ve probably started hunting gifts for your travel nursing mom – whether she’s the one who gave birth to you, is your mentor on the road, or is someone who you’d simply like to make smile, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for travel nurses can be done.

A tip from us – remember to choose something that isn’t too big and heavy. You want to give her something that she can bring along in her travel assignments. Whether she’ll be home or working in another city, make her laugh or cry with joy with these special gifts we picked that will certainly warm her heart.

  1. Hand stamped jewelry

    What’s better gift than jewelry? Something personalized screams sophistication and thoughtfulness. This will make a statement to any of her outfit… whether casual, formal or even her nursing scrubs! Throw in her favorite charms including her birthstone, a stethoscope or a nurse’s hat. Enchanted Anthem offers great service; they’re quick and reasonable. Check out their shop on Etsy.
  2. Hand cream

    Constant hand-washing and application of rubbing alcohol can take a toll on the skin. Story of every nurse’s life. If you notice your mom’s hands are dry and rough, provide her a little TLC and give the gift of skin care! Pamper them with the relaxing, stress-free scent of lavender or peppermint. Hand creams are a lifesaver travel-friendly.
  3. Powerbank

    If you’ve got a mom who is tech-savvy, she will love this one! Nothing gets scarier than the 10% mark on the battery or the blinking red light. This gift is perfect to power up her tablet, smartwatch and phone for the long drive to her next travel nursing assignment. That way, you’ll be able to keep in touch until she reaches her destination!
  4. Travel-friendly toiletries

    One of the many strengths possessed by a travel nurse is their ability to make due (and thrive) with very little space – be it their vehicle or the room they are renting on assignment, they know how to maximize what they have. You can help them pack light with travel-size toiletries like Squeeze Pods – they contain natural ingredients and are leak-proof.
  5. Wood Postcard

    For those mothers who have everything, a wooden postcard is perfect. Since they’re always on the go, this is something that can remind them of home and wouldn’t mind packing over and over again. Carve your message and let your mom show it off in the living room. Order one here.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there! You all are superwomen with healing hands and compassionate hearts. We’re sending out a dozen roses to two lucky moms. Follow Cirrus Medical Staffing on Facebook and Instagram between April 22 to 29, 2018 to find out how to enter.