travel therapy staffing firm

How Do You Know You Have The Right Travel Therapy Staffing Firm?

travel therapy staffing firm

For the uninitiated searching for the right travel therapy staffing firm could prove to be a daunting task. Do a quick search online and you’ll find hundreds of staffing agencies that specialize in travel therapy opportunities. How do you even begin to choose? Should you go to a large- or small-sized company? Large companies might have the right opportunities but, with the sheer number of travel healthcare professionals they work with, will you get lost in the shuffle? Smaller agencies might offer a more personal service but do they have the means to deliver the benefits you seek? While we’re asking questions, here are some more: What do you ask the recruiter when you speak to one? How do you know a particular company will take care of you?

Questions like these are common. One travel therapist might swear by an agency that another finds deplorable. It’s easier being referred to a good recruiter by someone you trust. But if it’s your first time to work with a new company you might end up with a different recruiter than the one you had hoped for. When you call in the recruiter who ends up taking to you is someone you’ve never met.

It’s important to do some digging before you make that all-important call. Do some research online. Visit a company’s Website to see what kind of certifications and accreditations they have. Also, look at their portfolio, check to see if they provide the benefits you want. Visit travel therapy forums and blogs and ask more experienced travelers what they think of a particular staffing company.

When you finally do call and are talking to a recruiter, be sure to ask questions. Make a list of questions to make sure you don’t forget before you dial. Some questions you might want to ask include how the company will determine whether an assignment is a good fit for you, what kind of housing accommodations the company has, and what benefits and loyalty rewards they provide. Remember that this interview isn’t just for the recruiter to see whether you fit a particular job opening. It’s an opportunity for you to express your needs and expectations.

Asking questions will also help you gauge the level of competency a recruiter has. The recruiter is often the face (or voice) of the company you’re considering. From that point moving forward anytime you need to communicate with the company, you’re going to have to talk to your recruiter. So it’s important that you’re comfortable with how the recruiter deals with you.

Find out whether the person you’re talking to will be your recruiter for the duration of your stay in the company or whether you will change recruiters depending on your travel therapy assignment. The former situation is preferred because you don’t want to have to keep forming new relationships with a different recruiter with each new assignment. In travel therapy your relationship with a recruiter is valuable and you’ll be reaching out to that person in case of problems.

Make sure that the staffing firm you end up choosing has a good reputation. Having the support and care of a good and reliable travel therapy staffing company is one way of ensuring that your chosen career path becomes successful. Being gone from home for months won’t be so hard as long as you know someone’s looking out for your well-being.