How to Land Travel Nursing North Carolina & South Carolina Jobs

travel nursing North Carolina & travel nursing jobs in South Carolina

Many nurses hoping to start their career as travelers learn early-on that getting their dream position in North or South Carolina isn’t as easy as it sounds. Based on our industry insight and strong relationships with hiring facilities in these states, we’ll share how you can become the Nurse Manager’s top pick in one of the most competitive regions of the country.

Why are travel nurses looking for travel nursing North Carolina (and South) assignments?

First thing’s first, let’s examine why travel nurses are drawn to this area:

They are compact states

North Carolina and South Carolina are both nursing compact states, meaning those with a compact license can practice in both states (among 23 others) without the usual regulatory obstacles such as applications and fees. RNs with a primary residence in nurse compact states have quick access to jobs in the Carolinas.

The site-seeing and family fun

Both North Carolina and South Carolina offer hundreds of miles of Atlantic Ocean with some of the most beautiful coastlines in the country. North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway weaves through stunning mountains waiting to be explored. Hiking, biking, kayaking and white water rafting are the norm in these outdoorsy states, not to mention all of the family-friendly activities – there’s something for everybody.

Travel nurse salary

Nurses are always in demand here, so traveling nurse salary reflects that. While the travel nurse pay in North Carolina and South Carolina varies depending on the position, travel nurses can capitalize on the benefits of bonuses, insurance, travel and travel nurse housing allowances. These perks, coupled with the lifestyle of living in such a versatile location, can boost a traveling RN’s pay to much higher than the average staff nurse compensation.

What’s the secret to landing travel nursing jobs in South Carolina and North Carolina?

The lure to North Carolina and South Carolina is evident – between the ability to start an assignment quickly, the exciting destinations and the pay, travel nurses are clamoring to find a position in one of these states.

But with high demand comes heavy competition for the open travel nursing jobs, and many nurses are struggling to win an assignment. How are Carolina facilities choosing their travel nurse hires? We’ll share with you the secret to landing a travel nursing job in the Carolinas:

Rack up your travel nursing experience

North Carolina and South Carolina are looking for experienced nurses. Nurses with 2-3 years of experience are always considered, but the feedback heard most from facilities (especially when numerous candidates are up for consideration for an opening) is that five or more years of experience trumps almost everything else.

What else gives nurses looking for assignments in the Carolinas an edge? Ample travel experience, with at least one or two assignments already under their belt.

What can nurses with less travel experience do?

Put simply: get more travel experience by being open-minded about location. While there are plenty of nurses waiting in line to travel to high-demand areas, there are many other regions in the US with significant needs for travel nurses. These facilities can provide excellent experience to a first or second-time traveler, putting your name on the short-list of candidates being considered for competitive assignments in the future.

So put on your stethoscopes, and venture somewhere you might never have considered – not only could it surprise you in delightful ways, but it will equip you with the experience you need to land a position in primo locations like North Carolina and South Carolina. Search our jobs or reach out to a Cirrus recruiter today to get started!