How Travel Nurses Can Keep Their Kids Entertained While On The Road

travel nursesContrary to popular belief, you can bring your family along to your travel nursing job! Going on a travel nursing assignment with kids makes everything fun and adventurous, but it doesn’t come without challenges. As a travel nurse on the road with kids, you can help them be just as excited about your adventures as you are. To help make your road trip comfortable and enjoyable for the whole family, here are some tips you can consider:

  1. Find creative ways to keep them amused
    While on your way, point to things they can admire from the car window – mountains, beaches, “punch buggy” – anything to spark their curiosity and broaden their view of the world around them. If you’re driving in the evening, you can play a movie they might like to watch. Or how about a little carpool karaoke? Don’t forget to add their favorite songs in your playlist so everyone can sing along!
  2. Audiobooks
    Ever since portable DVD players came onto the scene, audiobooks have become an overlooked tool for parents during roadtrips. It’s a great alternative to screen time, and will not only keep your kids preoccupied, but they can also be educational. Take this a step even further by recording yourself reading their favorite books – that way you get a little break, but your sweety still hears your voice!
  3. Watch what they eat
    Preparing snacks for your road trip ahead of time will cut down on the complaints you hear from the back seat – better yet, healthy food! You can always stop and buy food along the way, but planning ahead will help ensure meals or snack times aren’t delayed. A happy tummy is a happy child!
  4. Play a road trip scavenger hunt
    Kids love interesting challenges and prizes! For example: List down a few things they’ll spot on the road and for every item, give them certain number of points until they reach your target score to win something – maybe they get to choose a place to visit in your travel nursing assignment location? You can come up with your own games and prizes depending on your child’s age and interests.
  5. Stop at a few places
    Spending a lot of hours sitting down in the car will make your kids feel restless. Before heading off, search for a few places you can stop along the way that are safe. This will be great for you, too, to stretch those legs and relax a bit.
  6. Mark the map
    Let your kids feel like they can conquer the world! Get a map and let them mark the places you’ve been or passed. Let them do this independently and give them the feeling that they were able to achieve an important milestone in life with you.

Travel nursing can strengthen your family bond! While you grow in your career and get that job you’ve always dreamed of, invest in memories that you and your children will cherish forever. Meet our recruiters and apply with one of them today!