Is a 13-Week Travel Assignment Really Worth It?

13 week

Maybe you’re just learning about the nursing and allied travel phenomenon, or perhaps you’ve seen these mysterious creatures rotating in and out of the facilities you’ve worked in. Either way, if you’ve never experienced a travel assignment yourself, you’re probably wondering: Is a 13-week travel assignment really worth it?

It depends on the individual, so the short answer is maybe. However, if you find yourself at a career crossroads, or you’re just about to graduate from school, then consider the pros below. You just might discover that your own answer is yes.

Generous income

If you’ve always worked in an area of the country where healthcare professionals abound, it might surprise you to learn that some regions have such a high demand for clinicians that hospitals will pay extremely competitive rates to attract travelers. In addition to a high hourly wage, travelers see perks like sign-on, loyalty and completion bonuses from their staffing agencies and/or the facilities where they are contracted.

Stress-free housing

In addition to generous bonuses, most staffing agencies offer either a housing stipend, or they will do the legwork of finding safe and reliable living arrangements for you near your next assignment.

Proper licensing

Not only is housing a worry you can cross off your list, but many staffing agencies have entire departments dedicated to credentialing, who are able to set you up or help you find locations for getting documents taken care of, and who are experts with licensing and can point you in the right direction to get that squared away. They are there to make sure you’re licensed and ready to hit the ground running.

Benefits on day one

Afraid becoming a travel professional will complicate your health benefits? If you find an agency you like – and stick with them – health benefits are no more complicated than simply choosing a plan. Just be sure you understand the agency’s terms for coverage during assignment gaps.

Travel and adventure

The incentive is in the title: being a TRAVEL healthcare professional means you get to see the country while doing what you love. Wherever you want to go, mountains or beach, scenic or city, snowy or sunny, there’s a travel assignment waiting to be explored. Think you might want to relocate permanently, but aren’t sure? A travel assignment is a great “trial-run” for both the area and the hospital you’re considering.

Career advancement

Travelers have the opportunity to work in some of the most sophisticated, highly-ranked facilities in the country. If you’re not chained down by a certain location, just think of the possibilities: Level I Trauma Centers, teaching hospitals, access to top doctors and innovative procedures and equipment, and more. Experience as a healthcare traveler breeds versatility and skill building, two qualities that will ultimately help you to land a job anywhere you choose.

Expand your footprint

Clinicians are known for their compassion and patient-driven mindset. Traveling provides the opportunity to take that conviction across state lines, to different sets of populations and demographics, influencing countless people across the nation. It’ll make a difference in others’ lives, including your own.

Still not convinced that travel is for you? Contact us and talk about your reservations – we’ll walk you through the process and help you figure out if becoming a travel professional is the next step in your career.