Making Memories: 5 Things Most Travel Nurses Do

Newsflash: you might be “that travel nurse”. You know, the one everyone else wants to be. How many things on this list do you do?

  1. Hashtag overload.
    Hashtag Overload

    Posting on Instagram excites you. Who wouldn’t be, right? You’re either at this picturesque mountain or at a blissful beach so why not share it to the #instaworld! You regularly use #wanderlust, #travel, #traveling, #hiking, #bucketlist, #travelnurse, #thatjusthappened, #CMSTraveler on your posts.
  2. Tour like a local.
    Travel Nursing
    You may be working more than 12-hours a day but this certainly won’t stop you from exploring the city! Every moment at a new city counts so instead of watching Netflix after your shift, you try out a local restaurant. Instead of snoozing ’til noon on your day off, you go for a trek. You see every little corner, eat delicious food, meet new people and experience a new culture.
  3. Carpe Diem.
    Travel Nurse
    Traveling is one of your greatest pleasures! You don’t believe in putting something off for another day. As a travel nurse, you know you have limited time at a specific location, and you’re going to make the most of every second. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place. Since you are only in the city for 13 weeks, you definitely know how to live in the moment. You know how to seize the day.
  4. “I get paid to travel.”
    travel nurse salary

    If you were a flight attendant or a travel photographer, you would be saying this too. But in healthcare, not all professionals get the opportunity to go on a travel assignment while making a difference in patients’ lives. When your aunt or high school classmate approaches you and asks what you’ve been up to, you never fail to answer with pride, “I get paid to travel.”
  5. Boomerang craze.
    Instagram Boomerang
    Selfies just went on another level. Ever since Instagram unveiled Boomerang, you’ve been capturing snippets of the moments you want to remember the most – on loop! You take videos of you jumping into the waterfalls, running around the shore or even jumping on the peak of a mountain.

As a traveler, every day is an adventure! To find your next travel assignment, contact a recruiter at Cirrus Medical Staffing today!