More Resume Tips

Having trouble landing that perfect therapy position?  It could be as simple as revamping your resume.  Here are a few tips for a quick resume fix that will help get you your dream job:

1. Avoid just “updating” your old resume:
If you haven’t been on the job hunt for many years, or have come from the travel therapy world, it can be tempting to simply pull out the last resume you used, add your most recent positions and send it out. But the document could be a few years old, which means the content is likely outdated.  Reconfirm what you’ve been doing and have accomplished since the last update, get in depth and make it shine!  More info is ALWAYS better!

2. Layout is important:
A chronological resume, where you list your work experience in reverse chronological order, has been the standard format that job seekers use. But in an economic downturn it may not be the best style for showcasing your experience.  Use trends or recent skill updates in summary style first, it can help catch the interviewer’s eye and get things started.

3. Bottom line numbers are a good focus:
All companies today are looking for ways to reduce expenses and increase efficiency. When detailing the positions you’ve held in the past, be sure to mention how you’ve helped boost a former employer’s bottom line.  Quantifiable data is great to use, it shows a specific number or percentage that you were able to reach and the numbers can sell themselves.

4. Customize to each potential employer:
One of the most important steps when crafting your resume is to target your content to each company and position. Rather than creating one standard document for use with every opportunity, customize your resume so it deals directly with a company’s needs and mission.   It takes just a few minutes to search the internet on a potential employer, but that information can take you all the way to a face to face interview and offer.

Now its your turn to knock em dead with an interview: dress professionally, be knowledgable and confident about your skills and you’ll be signing that offer letter in no time!