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Nurses Quotes to Live By

nurses quotes to live by

Brace yourselves, Nurses’ Week is coming. It’s that time of the year to show appreciation to the angels that don sneakers (or your preferred footwear) and has touched countless lives and hearts – nurses.

Nursing is beyond hard work, it’s a vocation, a purpose in life that requires benevolence and commitment.

Here are the top ten nurses quotes to help inspire you:

  1. In nursing, a small action can go a long way in making a difference in the lives of the patients. – Marion Johnson (DNP) c, MSN,RN, “4 Small Things Nurses (Including You!) Can Do for Their Patients
  2. It is an honor and a privilege to serve in the capacity that we do and to possess the skills that are so uniquely nursing. – Val Gokenbach, “The Value of Nurses in the Community
  3. Finding your passion as a nurse is like flipping a switch, which leads to professional happiness and fulfillment. – Lanette Anderson, “Remember Your Passion In The Nursing Community
  4. To all of you nurses out there – may God bless all of you. Your rewards are those you receive through the eyes of your patients for whom you made a difference. – Marge Helmuth, “10 Hard Truths of the Nursing Profession You Should Know Sooner
  5. Attitude in nursing is everything! The way you view your world and portray that view to others is everything. – Val Gokenbach, “Professionalism in Nursing: What Does It Really Mean?
  6. The road here wasn’t always easy to follow but I like to think that without me, all those people’s lives I have touched would also be different as well. I believe their lives are better because of me. – Tina Lanciault, “What If… I Had Never Become a Nurse?
  7. Nurses who believe in their special gift of serving others possess incredible courage and commitment. They truly ARE daily champions! – Debbie Love, RN, What Keeps Nurses Strong During Their Shift?
  8. Patience is a must in this business. When someone is sick, there is no rushing them. You can’t say “Hurry up, I got work to do.” – Tina Lanciault, “5 Life Lessons You Can Learn from a Nurse-Patient Relationship
  9. Be proud of your nursing degree, but do not let initials define you and never minimize the nurse who has two years of schooling instead of four. – Alice Adams RN LNCC, “10 Things You May Not Have Learned in Nursing School
  10. It is time for us to put the patient at the center of all we do and work to be what we have dedicated our lives to be – The greatest nurse! – Val Gokenbach, “5 Things That Make a Good Nurse Great