October is National Physical Therapy Month!


National Physical Therapy Month isn’t just for permanent placement PTs, but is also a chance to celebrate the thousands of travel therapists working across the country.

Here are several ways you can celebrate the travel PT in your life (and if you’re the PT, treat yourself!):

1.     Say “thank you”

PTs change lives every day – making the impossible possible again, and the painful painless. Showing your appreciation with a simple “thank you” can make their day, and give them a much needed reminder of why they chose this profession – making a difference in patients’ lives.

2.     Bring them a gift

Since by definition, travel therapists are on the move, get them something they can easily take with them, such as an iTunes gift card, a coffee mug, PT threads or homemade cookies (which will likely be eaten well before their next assignment)! National Physical Therapy Month is the perfect occasion to treat your favorite PT to a well-deserved goodie. Find more ideas here. Some facilities have policies about bringing gifts, so it’s best to ask first.

3.     Make them an “award” (great for kids)

If your child is receiving physical therapy, this is a great way to include them in showing your thanks. A “Greatest Physical Therapist” certificate will be cherished by your PT forever – your child can include a photo of themselves and their PT, their handprints, signature or a drawing. To make it extra fitting for a travel therapist, you could cut out the certificate in the shape of a suitcase. There’s no wrong way, so be creative!

4.     Write a nice letter to their staffing agency

Singing your PT’s praises to their employer is a great way to show your appreciation. While their staffing agency is likely already aware of their travelers’ exceptional abilities, your kind words will reinforce this notion, and could help them land more competitive assignments in the future.

Without the hard work of physical therapists, recovery and progress would not be a medical reality for many patients of all ages. Take the time to thank a PT this month!


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