The Perks of Having a Travel Nursing Job


Imagine being able to travel all over the country while still being able to work in the career field you love. With travel nursing jobs available through Cirrus Medical Staffing, this dream can quickly become a reality. In fact, a growing number of nurses are being drawn to travel nursing for a wide range of reasons.

Personal Adventures

With a travel nursing job, you can regain control of your lives and finally feel like the boss. After all, you are the ones dictating where to work in the United States and when to take your next assignment. You essentially decide the type of lifestyle you want to live from one assignment to the next. Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, or maybe sunny Phoenix, Arizona, is more your style.

Some individuals with travel nurse careers base their assignment choices on the climate and weather, choosing to live like “snowbirds” so that they can enjoy mild climates year-round. Meanwhile, other nurses with travel healthcare jobs base their assignment selections on their favorite hobbies — for example, exploring historical sites, hiking, scuba diving, or even surfing. What better way to live the life you want than to do the job you love in the place you love? Many workers in the United States spend years saving up money to explore new cities or to scout out future retirement locations, but when you’re a travel nurse, all of that isn’t necessary: Exploring exciting new locations is just another part of the job.

Professional Opportunities

Speaking of money, one of the biggest perks of being a travel nurse is the traveling nurse salary that comes along with it. Of course, we couldn’t talk about travel healthcare careers without talking about compensation: The two go hand-in-hand. Many would be quick to tell you that their travel nurse salaries are more competitive than those of their permanent employee counterparts in certain parts of the country where the demand for nurses is high.

Another benefit of travel nursing that you can’t get while working at a single facility long term is that you get to select work opportunities from a smorgasbord of medical facility environments, including large hospitals or small facilities in rural areas. As a result, you can become accustomed to working with various patient populations as well as get experience with new procedures and technology. All of these experiences can enrich you professionally and make you even more competitive in today’s in-demand nursing field.

So, whether you are just looking for an adventure, or to boost your paycheck and gain new professional experience, travel nursing may be just the thing for you!  Check out all that Cirrus Medical Staffing can do for you at