travel therapy phone interview

Tips for Nailing that Travel Therapy Phone Interview

travel therapy phone interview

Travel therapists typically don’t get a chance to make a good face-to-face impression with hiring managers. Given the nature of their work, they conduct most—if not all—of their job interviews over the phone.

As such, having good phone skills is more than just desirable, it’s necessary if one wants to land that coveted travel position. Here are some tips to help travel therapists nail their phone interview:

Be Prepared

Physical or occupational therapists who are interviewing for a travel assignment over the phone has advantages that people who do face-to-face interview don’t. One of which is that you read from a cheat sheet without the interviewer noticing. While on your phone interview, have a copy of your resume and the job description ready in front of you. Have a list of items you want to cover in the interview.

Additionally, while the interviewer is talking, have your Web browser ready in case the conversation falls on a subject that you’re not entirely familiar with. Just make sure the interviewer doesn’t hear typing from your end.

Avoid Interruptions or Distractions

While you’re in the interview, think of it as the only important thing in the world. Lock yourself in your study and keep the pets out. Turn off distracting phone features like call waiting. Try to have the interview on a landline also. A landline is ideal because you won’t have to deal with choppy signal or outside noises.

Make sure that you have plenty of time for the phone interview. Don’t do it during your lunch hour if you’re working. Make sure that you don’t have anything scheduled before or after the call that would feel like you have to rush the conversation. Remember, the longer the call the better.

Know Proper Phone Etiquette

Avoid awkwardness by answering the phone with your name. That way, the person on the line doesn’t have to ask and you immediately take charge of the conversation.

Be ready to take the call. Don’t let the phone ring multiple times before answering. Be sure that you’re at the location of the call early in case the interviewer calls early.

Stay calm and confident. It helps if you also smile during your conversation. Yes, the interviewer won’t be able to see your pearly whites but they’ll be able to “hear” the energy coming from you.