Travel Nurses Who Raise a Family – How Do They Do It?

Travel Nurses

Travel nurses are just like everyone else. Most want what others have: a successful career, a meaningful relationship with a spouse and a family to raise. Of course this is a generalization. There are nurses who prefer the single life and have no plans of settling down—ever. But for many, life wouldn’t be complete without little kids running chaotically around the house.

But how can you possibly get married and have children when your job requires you to be gone for long periods at a time?

The good news is that it is possible to pursue a successful travel nursing career even if you’re married and/or with a family. Many travel healthcare professionals have done it and you can too.

First, know that there are travel nursing companies out there just like Cirrus Medical Staffing that get it. They understand that job requests come and go but good employees are hard to come by. This is why reputable staffing agencies do everything they can within their power to accommodate their travel employees.

Travel nurses and other travel professionals actually get more control over their personal lives than regular employees because they get to pick where they’ll work and—here’s the kicker—when they’ll work. Realize that you have carte blanche over which assignments to say yes to. If you’re so inclined you can choose an assignment that will allow you to go home on weekends. If you feel that that’s not feasible financially or time-wise, you can opt to take longer breaks between assignments to take care of your family. No regular employee has the ability to take a month off from work every thirteen weeks or so to mind the kids. You can.

Then there’s also the option of taking your family with you as you travel. Check with your staffing agency what their policies are regarding finding you a house large enough to accommodate the family. Most staffing firms will help you find an apartment or townhouse if you asked.

Some couples take turns when traveling so that one of them is home while the other is on an assignment.

One shouldn’t think of traveling as a hindrance to starting a family. Yes, there may be challenges along the way but the rewards can be numerous. You shouldn’t have to give up your chosen career path in order to experience the joys of family life.