Travel Nursing Companies: More Nurses Turning to Them

Travel Nursing Companies

It may come as no surprise that nursing remains one of the highest-demand fields in the United States. Everyone gets sick or injured from time to time, and if you are a nurse, you likely wear a hero’s cape in the eyes of your patients. What may come as a surprise to you, though, is that many of these “heroes” are tired of staying put in one location and thus are covering new ground in unprecedented numbers thanks to travel nursing companies such as Cirrus Medical Staffing. Superman flew to new locations to help those in need — albeit at a superhuman speed. And Underdog was always quick to say his famous “hip-hip-hip and away I go!” Many nurses today are asking themselves, “Why can’t I take that same approach?”

How Travel Nursing Works

With travel nursing agencies, more nurses are able to take full advantage of the flourishing niche career of travel nursing, where they can take on assignments for weeks at a time and enjoy having their living expenses and travel covered. One of the biggest draws is the opportunity to create your own schedule when working in tandem with a travel nursing company, as well as the opportunity to explore new parts of the country.

The Nursing Shortage

As a nurse, you likely know there is a huge shortage of nurses, and this shortage is only expected to worsen in the years ahead as more baby boomers retire and require treatment of their chronic conditions. To address this need, more medical centers may turn to medical staffing company professionals to fill their growing number of vacancies rather than on boarding full-time staff members, as this is more cost-effective for them long term. This is good news for those interested in travel nursing careers.

Your Skill Set is what Institutions are Seeking

Another current phenomenon that makes working with a medical temp agency an appealing move for many nurses today is that top institutions are turning to healthcare temp agency recruiters to locate professionals with the most current certifications and skills. Agencies essentially help them to simplify the hiring process and find the nurses who have the specific skills they need. With quality travel nurse agencies, you can easily find assignments that match your skill set, whether it is in the ICU, the ER, L&D or any other nursing specialty. Travel nursing also allows you to build professional connections that can serve you well in your industry, so not only setting you up for the next 3 months, but quite possibly the next 20 years!