Travel Physical Therapy Jobs: What’s All The Hype About?


Job security. The opportunity to be your own boss. The chance to make a difference. These are all reasons why physical therapy is such an in-demand career field nowadays. For many physical therapists, the job in itself is satisfying, but being able to travel the country while doing the work they love? That’s just icing on the cake.

Travel physical therapy jobs, such as those available through Cirrus Medical Staffing, offer several advantages over your traditional physical therapy roles, including health and supplemental insurance, a $500 new hire bonus and a $500 loyalty completion bonus.


For many professionals today, especially millennials, being chained to the desk at a single company for 40 years is anything but appealing. That’s why many people change jobs often today: They need a change of pace and a change of scenery. With travel physical therapy, they can experience both in every sense of the word as they choose assignments in various locations throughout the country – from the Southeast to the Northwest and everywhere in between – and in various settings, from the hospital environment to the home health environment.

Exploring new locales through traveling PT jobs also gives you the chance to check out a place before you decide to become a permanent resident there. Usually, the several weeks you spend on assignment in a location is enough time for you to become familiar with your new city.

Manage Yourself

In addition to being able to manage where you live when you choose travel PT jobs, you can essentially manage your own career. Your career path doesn’t have to unfold according to your employer’s needs, as is the case for many workers. Instead, you can dictate your career path based on your personal agenda and professional goals.

When physical therapists work with a healthcare staffing firm, they have far more flexibility than their staff position counterparts. For instance, they can take some time off between their assignments to enjoy vacation time or go back home to see friends and family. In fact, if personal family issues come up, they can easily take on assignments close to where their family members live so that they can still work and address their personal issues.

And then there’s the travel physical therapy salary, which is often much higher than those for permanent therapy positions (much like a traveling nurse salary), especially in certain cities and for those with years of experience. It’s no wonder that travel PT jobs are more in demand now than ever before: They’re literally taking physical therapists places – both location wise and financially – they have never been before.