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Travel Therapy: Traveling with Family

travel therapy

Many physical therapists, occupational therapists and other allied healthcare professionals who want to give travel therapy a try don’t because they feel that having a family is a hindrance. In actuality, this shouldn’t be the case.

It’s possible to have a career as a travel therapist even if you’re married and with a family.

First of all, most travel therapy staffing firms understand the importance of family. If you explain to them what your situation is, most will gladly look for ways to accommodate you.

The truth is that being a traveler actually gives you more leeway to have a family life. There are lots of advantages. You can, for instance, cherry-pick where and when you want to work. So you can work for thirteen weeks straight and then take several weeks off to take care of the house before venturing again on another assignment. Another advantage is that, depending on the assignments you choose, you can choose to drive home for weekends.

If you’re traveling to a different state and weekend visits are impossible, you have the option to take your family with you. Many staffing companies will help you find housing that can accommodate everyone. All you need to do is ask. You might also want to look at getting a housing stipend instead of paid-housing arrangement so you can find your own place. Some travelers buy or rent RVs when they’re on an assignment. This way, you can roam the country in your home, making the traveling less disruptive and stressful for the children.

Some couples who are both into travel therapy make arrangements that allow one of them to be at home while the other is away on an assignment. That’s always an option.

As for schooling, some travelers choose homeschooling but others look for long-term assignments so that their children can attend school for a certain period of time. It’s up to you as you know what’s best for your children.

Travel therapy offers lots of advantages and you shouldn’t feel left out just because you’re raising a family. Remember that you offer skills that are critically needed across the country.  If you want to travel, there are ways to do so and still have time to nurture a healthy family life.