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Traveling Nurses Can Make Extra Money with OT

traveling nursesThe holidays are closing in quick. Trick or treating is officially over, and turkey is next up on the menu! While many staff nurses and clinicians are thinking about how to take time off this year, travel nurses and traveling allied clinicians are thinking up ways to get a bump in their paycheck with extra hours and overtime while on assignment this holiday season. Here are a few things you need to know about overtime and extra hours, and why the holidays are the best time to take advantage of this!

What’s the difference between overtime and extra hours for traveling nurses?

Extra hours are any hours you work above and beyond what is in your contract.

For example – if you are contracted to work 36 hours per week, and you work 40 hours one week, you have earned 4 extra hours.

Overtime hours are mandated by the state, varying per state, but usually require your base rate to be multiplied by 1.5.

For example – if the state law mandates overtime pay after 40 hours worked in a week, and you work 48 hours in a week, you’ve earned 8 overtime hours.

As a healthcare traveler, and unlike salaried employees in other professions, you have the opportunity to make more money, the more hours you work. Every little bit can go a long way when payday arrives!

It’s not just about the money

Healthcare travelers are there to help facilities fill the gaps in the schedules and to allow them the opportunity to give their staff a well-deserved break during the holidays. As supplemental staff, travelers can step up to the plate and demonstrate their willingness to help out during the times of year when scheduling can become an issue for hospitals.

How to ask for more hours as a travel nurse or other allied healthcare traveler

With so many permanent staff hoping to spend the holidays with their families, travelers have the unique opportunity to serve their fellow clinicians during traditional holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

There’s nothing more welcome at a facility in staffing crisis than a traveler who consistently picks up extra shifts and/or hours, especially during weeks when most of the permanent staff would like a break. Here are few tips on how to approach your facility about working extra shifts this holiday season:

  • Speak to your nurse manager or supervisor to ask if you can fill a void during the holidays, in addition to your contracted shifts
  • If there’s nothing available at the time, continue to offer to pick up extra shifts as they come open
  • Earn extra hours by volunteering to stay late or coming in early – these add up quickly
  • Talk to your Cirrus recruiter to find out how they can help you have the conversation with your superior at the facility


The Cirrus Difference:

Any traveler who works over 40 hours on the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s will receive a $150 bonus, along with their overtime pay and any holiday pay that they would receive for that week*. Apply now to begin your assignment with us this holiday season.

*Eligible dates include any 7-day work week that falls on 11/23/17, 12/25/17, 12/31/17 and 1/1/18.