What Do Nurse Recruiters Do for Their Travelers?


There’s a journey leading up to every new travel nursing assignment – one that can be increasingly complex when dealing with a new state, a different pay scale and other challenges associated with working for a new facility. The good news: you’re not alone! Nurse Recruiters don’t just help you get the job; they help you navigate your assignment from start to finish.

So, what do Nurse Recruiters do for their travelers, anyway? To give you an idea of what this looks like, we’ve outlined the typical process we go through at Cirrus Medical Staffing with each of our travel nurses.

The first conversation

Our first job as recruiters is to listen. We learn your preferences on location, pay and other factors, and respond with our job opportunities within your criteria. If pay is the most important factor, we make a list of our highest paying jobs; if you’re a first-time traveler with flexible fiscal or geographical requirements, we’ll recommend our most “traveler-friendly” facilities to give you a great first experience.

This conversation is about YOU, the travel nurse, and we’ll never steer you toward a job that is not in line with your goals. Once we’ve found the right opportunities for you (together), we submit your resume to these facilities.

The interview

Next begins the interview coaching! We’ll go over questions you might be asked, and questions you should ask the Nurse Manager. We are not usually notified prior to the interview, so it’s important to be prepared to receive a call from the Nurse Manager at any time.

Once the interview takes place, we become your sounding board. We’ll help you examine the pros and cons of the opportunity – this process is about you, so if you’re not impressed with the facility, it’s back to the drawing board!

Not only are we your sounding board, but we are also your advocate. After the interview, we follow up with the facility consistently on your behalf.

The job offer

Congratulations, you got the job! Believe it or not, this is when having a Nurse Recruiter who cares can benefit you the most. At this point, we help you determine your take-home pay. It’s much more complicated for travel nurses because there are so many things to take into consideration: when you’re paid, how you’re paid, receipt of bonus, tax free money (incidentals, housing stipend), taxed income, benefits package, on-call or call-back pay…the list goes on!

Understanding what you will take home each week is a crucial part of accepting the job opportunity. Based on your unique circumstances, we help you conclude the estimated dollar amount on your pay stub.

The preparation

After you accept a new assignment, our job as Nurse Recruiters has just begun. While getting licensed on time is ultimately your responsibility, we guide you through the process by providing our knowledge about the licensure process for the state in question. We’ve also been known to help nurses find CPR class openings, and find clinics where they can get a physical or TB test if required by the facility. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running on your first day.

The assignment

If you think your Nurse Recruiter is finished taking care of you once your assignment has begun, think again. We’re in contact with you at least once a week throughout your assignment, and more often if needed. We’re accessible day and night, and we make an effort to connect. You are our first priority.

The end result

While you’re out being a SUPERSTAR on the hospital floor, your Nurse Recruiter at Cirrus Medical Staffing is behind the scenes, helping you orchestrate a smooth assignment before, during and after it happens. We’re your silent partner, freeing you up to focus your energy on providing great patient care and making a difference – that’s what it’s all about!