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What to Know Before Choosing a Travel Nursing Company

travel nursing companyYour travel nursing journey begins as soon as you start deciding on a staffing agency you want to work with. Word of advice – don’t rush this since they will be your representative and help you through every step of the process. With so many choices, it gets confusing but you want to consider traveling nurses agencies with good reputations. So take some time to read reviews on websites like Facebook, Google, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. Or better yet, ask the opinion of your travel nurse friends… experience speaks for itself.

This set of questions can help you narrow down your list of agencies, and make the search a little less complicated:

What bonuses do they offer?

Offering bonuses and perks are typical among all travel nursing companies. Most run various bonus programs for sign-on, assignment completion and making referrals. Before getting too excited, make sure you take time to read the fine print and know all the details – if you’re not careful, you could be drawn in by bonus programs with complicated “point systems”, and never actually see the dollars being advertised.

What are the housing options?

There’s no one specific way to find travel nurse housing as every travel nursing agency has different arrangements, and every traveler has different preferences. You can go through a company’s housing coordinator who will take care of everything for you… from booking to renting furniture. Another option is accept a housing stipend as part of your overall pay package. If you choose the latter, you will be completely responsible to arrange your own accommodations. No matter what you select, your travel nursing recruiter can help you by providing insights about the area and even relay recommendations from other travelers that have been on assignment there.

How much paperwork is required before landing a travel nursing job?

No doubt, every state has different licensure requirements and you’ll have to make sure you have all documents ready. Aside from that, you’ll also be asked to fill out an application and a skills checklist, and provide at least three references. The on boarding process can seem like a lot of paperwork and information, but if you keep organized and maintain an updated resume, you can breeze through fairly quickly. In order to be submitted to a job you’re interested in, the travel nurse company must have your fully-completed application.

Are the recruiters approachable?

Your travel nurse recruiter is not only going to be your BFF but also the advocate for your success. It goes without saying that your comfort level is vital. You’ll expect a lot of calls, follow ups and updates. Observe if they genuinely care about you and the job you’re applying for, and want to help you meet the unique goals in your career and life. A good recruiter should be someone who values you as a candidate and understands your needs, and someone you can ask unlimited questions.

What is the pay package like?

Base wages are typically higher for travel nurses than staff nurses. Before selecting a travel nursing company, it’s important to compare your traveling nurse salary, overtime pay and the payment method so your recruiter is able to help negotiate better pay packages. Weekly pay is what most travel nurses have come to expect, so double-check this with your agency’s payroll department. Also consider some of the expenses you may incur as a traveler: Will the agency shoulder your annual physical and TB tests? Will you be paying for your own certifications? How does travel reimbursement work?

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